June 7, 2014

Feelin'n Princess: Cafe Tiala

Bye Summer! Hello School Year 2014- 2015!

Yay!  I'm officially a Third Year College. But, before the cramming and stress come we find time to relax, have fun and bond with friends/ classmates. Our teachers were not around so we decided to have a food trip and ended up going to Cafe Tiala.

Cafe Tiala is a princess-inspired cafe that serves variety of menu. Despite of the princess-inspired interiors gentlemen can still enjoy the cafe with the free use of Wii and PS3. It is open everyday from 10 am to 12 midnight. Located at, Unit 2-D, 2nd flr, The Forum Bldg. Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City.

It was unplanned for us (Trixie, Courtney, Leah and I) to go there because we were  bored while in school. So we invite anyone we know to come with us. So Gab went with us but Angel ended up change her mind and didn't come along with us. 

We ordered Choco Shake and Java Chip Frappuci. It was worth your money!

I also like Cafe Tiala's interior. We stay at the private room so we could have privacy and we can also use the PS3.

At the second floor of the shop.

They also have a kawaii kigurumi and they are free to use.

They have a good serves. The maids are great!

We stayed there almost 4 hours. They really enjoy playing Takken.

We also tried Gimbab a Korean dish. But, We're not use to  Korean food so Trixie and I ended up having one slice only. Then we had a free coffee and sandwich with toppings ( I don't know what it is.).

My Cafe Tiala experience was Great!  I recommend you to go there and chill with your friends, family or lover.

P.S. a tip for you before going there!  They give 10% discounts to students, birthday celebrants, couples and to those who will reserve a spot in the cafe . They give also give 15% discounts for those who directly post about their visit on their facebook accounts.
-- Solstice(The Official Summer Issue of Forward Publication)


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