June 22, 2014

The Enlightenment

Last summer my family and friends went to the most miraculous and popular place in the South of Cebu. The "Birhen sa Simala" is located at Maria Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu City PH.

The place is almost two hours to travel from Toledo (where I live). The place is so peaceful and solemn they are run by monks. It is said to be miraculous because of the testimony of Shedding of Tears of the statue of Mama Mary and more. A perfect place to relieve stress and family bonding.It was also almost Lenten Season. A great time to repent our sins. 

It was actually a great timing when we visited. It's spring, the blooming of   flowers (even if we only have two season, and today is summer here!). When you enter the place the first thing you will notice is the very wonderful view of the walls with hanging Bougainvillea flowers.

Though the place under major renovation, you will appriciate the whole place.

When you enter they have a exhibit of testimonies of healing, board exam passers and more. 

The ceiling of the church. 

As what I said they the place is being renovated. I took some photos some what I'm practicing photography.

I really love the bougainvillea. The colors are so attractive.

I can't get enough of the colors. So I take lots of photos :)

I hope to develop more of my photography skills.

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