July 15, 2014

Sleepless Nights

A personal entry of my life as a student (n_n). I usually sleep early after a very tiring day. One way to relax and relive from stress. Unfortunately, when school started I only have less time to relax, go to the mall, hangout with my friends but, most of all SLEEP. I stay late night to study, do homework and do projects. I have to wake up really early to catch the bus since I live far from school. It will take me  2 hours to travel from home to school. I personally prepare everything when I woke up. I'm living with my grandma and aunts but  I have to do it independently. So everything must be done accordingly or else i'll be late for my first class worst is be absent (T_T).
Today is the start of our Prelim Exam, so far?  *no comment*. It's really hard and I'm not confident enough with my answers. Prelim will end by Friday I have to study hardly. 

Insert caption here!
"I receive this  kawaii  rilakkuma last sunday. Thanks to my Aunt."

Before the exam we organize a overnight stay at Courtney's crib to do our  project. Together with Leah, Trixie(my groupmates), Eric and Leeroy (Courtney's group).  It was hard for us to start, lots of argument around, we have to considers everyone's opinion. Good thing Eric brought lots of food (Yay!). We're not able to sleep unlike the other group. We are quite happy of the result of the project we made, even if weren't able to finish it. We are organizing for another overnight stay to finish everything.

Photo from Courtney.

IPhone's have a great photo quality.

So much for that. Hopefully I could go back to my sleep routine.
 See you in my next post. Everything Japan Love!
Ja ne ( ^_^)/


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