August 30, 2014

Banri Noodle House

Before our Midterm Exam, my classmates and friends organize a get together. We first thought of having Japanese Cuisine as a first part. Sadly others didn't make it to the gathering since they were not able to save enough money and others have personal things to do. At the end Kuya Why, Paul, Andre and I made it.
So our first pick is the Banri Noodle House.
Banri is an authentic Japanese Restaurant that specializes in Homemade Noodles, Fried Rice dishes, and Handmade Tofu. It is managed by Japanese chef M. Terasawa who had more than 40 years of experience selling Ramen in Tokyo, Japan.
 For reservation
Crossroads Branch: (32) 234-0788
Mactan Branch (beside SSS): (32) 341-3720

We went to Crossroads Branch since it just near to our school. We arrive around 7: 30 pm just in time for dinner. And, let me tell you what happen when we are on our way to the restaurant. We we're really noisy inside the cab talking about random facts about us and off course some geeky stuff. When we get off the taxi and about to go inside Banri, the Taxi driver called our attention. So Kuya Why immediately responded. The driver said that Kuya Why paid 1100 for the fare instead of 200. Kuya Why thought that he gave 200 to the driver. I salute you Kuya Driver, for your loyalty for your customer. Thank You So Much.

So when we went inside Banri the very first thing we notice are the Manga and Japanese Magazine shelf.

We were having hard time choosing what to eat since it's  the first time for us to eat in a Japanese Restaurant. Yes! It's my first time to eat Japanese Cuisine and first time to use chopsticks. I wonder how would I finish my meal. 

I don't drink tea but they serve it for free.
Andre teaches me how to use chopsticks. Yay! Finally I would know how to use chopsticks. He also toll us what are the DO and DON'Ts in eating Japanese Food.


I order Makunouchi Bento - mix sashimi, mixed tempura, grilled fish, sliced egg cake, rise and miso soup.

I personally, ordered Bento since I'm a huge fan of Anime and Japanese Culture. I would always see and hear Japanese people with their Bento. Gladly I finally tasted Bento.

I didn't even know how I finish my meal for the fact that I was really having hard time eating using chopsticks.

Sushi Challenge!

We haven't touch the sushi yet, because it taste disgusting for us who is not use to in Japanese Food . So we end up to have Sushi Challenge who ever lose the game will have to eat one sushi of their choice. I didn't join them cause I'm afraid to throw up on my way home.  

It was really fun. The food was really OishÄ« (delicious). Not bad for a first timers like us. Domo Arigatou Banri. Check out Banri's menu here!

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality. I actually charge my camera before going to school, but I was really surprise that it was low batter. May be my grandmother unplug the extension wire while charging. Anyhow, Banri was fun. Thank You to Paul for this photo :) 

More Foodie Review Soon.


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