August 9, 2014

Kawaii is Freedom!

What does Kawaii mean to you?

Here is my entry for Kawaii in Manila 2: Worldwide Campaign

Kawaii is Freedom!

Let me start it where it all beggin... JAPAN.
Japanese people don't mind if they look crazy in what they are wearing (I love Japanese Fashion).
 I always watch Japanese TV Show during my free time when my relatives/friends(whose not into Japanese Culture) would say "They are crazy wearing those kind of clothes" or "If you would wear one of those here they would probably stare and laugh at you ".
Then I thought why would you say people would laugh at you? I mean you are what you wear it represent you, they wear what would make them happy and its everyone's freedom to be happy.

Whenever I share my love for Japan and Kawaii culture, I don't feel that I was being control by the people around me. 
As if I could be myself. Someone who simply loves Kawaii.

That is it, my entry for Kawaii in Manila 2 World Wide Campaign.
How about you minna? What does Kawaii Mean to you? Share it to Kawaii in Manila/ Kawaii in Philippines

Vanessa is from Cebu, Philippines who loves to document her personal style, daily life, wanderlust and Japan Love in this small space she considers her personal diary.