September 10, 2014

Cause All I need is a Motivation

Another entry of my university life! It's a bet long I hope you could make it tell the last.
 Haha... This past few weeks or months (since the day school starts) was a sleepless nights. 

Why? Cause I'm stock with lots of project plus the Midterm Exam.So yah! We had I think six projects for midterm plus quiz/ activity and of course the midterm exam as well. It was really hard for me. I was having hard time with school because for the fact that I don't like my Course . Why?

1. This is not the course I wanted to take. I never imagine me to seat in front of the computer/ laptop to do programs. I know I don't really socialize with others that much but I do believe making friends in person is much better than meeting friend in the virtual world. My course option was to take a business related course and fine arts. I'm not that good in drawing painting and such that's why I wanted to develop more of my skill.

2. I was not allowed by my mother to take Fine Arts and she insisted that I should take Computer Science.  Oh come on!!! What the heck is that... I do love and use technology but I'm more on a user not a developer. It's my mother's decision to take this course, I can't do anything because she is the one supporting my studies. So yes! I'm currently a Computer Science student and I'm on my third year. I couldn't believe I make it this far.

And that's is why I'm writing this post.

 I actually started doing my project Friday night, I was also able to post about my wishlist, to-do, goals to motivate myself. 
Then, I spent my whole Saturday afternoon to make my project(morning  is my schedule to do my house chores ). I was like .


I started crying at the middle of time, I was just staring at my laptop like hell. I don't know how to work this thing. Then I thought it will be alright afterwards. Maybe, I just need  to let go of this feeling. But I was wrong. I tried to continue my project. Till, night comes and nothing happen. I started crying again. Negative thoughts ... Negative thoughts... that is the only thing that comes out with my mind.

And I said to myself
" I will QUIT school"

Will, when I said that to myself I was fully aware of the consequence if I do so. 
I will not be able to graduate.
I will have to work on my own to live.
I will not be able to blog again.
I will not be able to see my friends.
I will not be able to achieve my dream on time. My Japan Dream.

I was really sure of my decision back then. Monday comes, and I was like a robot that I must attend school just because I have to.

Then I continue my other project  I was almost done with it. Then, decided to stop for a hours to relax and think.

Then I visited my blog to check for some updates/ mail and such.... Then read blogs from my favorite Japan Lover Blogger Stella Lee and Cheesie. I must say blogging really relieves my STRESS. I enjoyed it. I didn't realize it was already  12 Mn. I was reading their journey to success and off course their Japan stories. I was really inspired and motivated. 

Then all of the sadden I said to myself now is not the time to quit. You are almost there to you goal. So I immediately talk to my Auntie that I 'm not quitting school. She was happy to hear that. 

By this time I was able to finish one of my project. So glad I made it. 
Even I don't like my course I will continue for mama and my Dreams. 

I learn that when you do thing you must set goal or else I will quit easily and won't be able to get your dreams.

Hahaha... that was long. Glad you made it to the last. I will be chasing my dreams.
 And one day go to Japan. I hope you also can chase your dreams and don't quit easily.

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Thank You and See you Soon on my next blog post.


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