September 18, 2014

Cos.Cafe Cebu

I been wanting to visit Japanese Maid Café but we don't have one in Cebu back then. In order for me to do that I must to go to Manila ( cause I think they have one) or go to Japan directly but, it's ridiculously expensive. When I knew about Japanese Café's newly opened here in Cebu. I was so excited to visit them. So after our Banri Noodle House experience I immediately plan to visit these cafes. Originally, I plan to do it alone. Then I decide to invite my friends(Who wan't to eat alone? off course no one) since I think they have free time(and money) to spend, but they all decline and said "They can't". 

Right after the opening of our University Days and Intramural 2014 I joined my friends for lunch and catch some time with them whom I haven't seen in awhile. When I told them that I have to leave early because I'm going to visit a cafe. Then, suddenly they want to go with me and I was glad that I have company and I won't eat alone. After searching where to go and the location itself (so we don't get lost).

We decide to go to Cos Café.

Cos Cafe is the first Japanese concept cafe of subculture of Akihabara's style in Philippines.
Everyone who is interested in Japanese culture can experience Cosplay,Manga,Cartoon,Anime,Karaoke,J-pop, try our specialized coffee and sweets. [ Cebu page]

Cos café is located at  JY Square, in Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. I was surprise how the place look like. So inviting and you wont feel that you are inside the mall. I seen some café in the mall but I don't like it. In the entrance you will see a cosplay costume displayed on the glass wall.

This was our room at table 3. We pick this one to keep it private. I personally like the interior of the cafe.

They are also selling some merchandise from Japan.

We receive 2 membership card.

and don't forget the funny and friendly Kawaii Maids.

I bought a Rilakkuma for a souvenir. But I accidentally left it at the cafe so I'm going to get it when the weather is fine.

While Court, Trixie and I was waiting for Kuya Jeff and Kat. So lazy~ 
We haven't order yet even if we're really hungry. We're glad we could stay longer since the cafe isn't in full house. We been waiting for them for 3 hrs or more...

Gladly the maid offers us this kawaii hello kitty game. To kill our time. It was fun and almost give us heart attack. The logic is you insert the keys in the hole and when you insert the key at the wrong hole Hello Kitty jumps. I wonder how they call this game. I should have ask the maids.

More photos of the merchandise there selling.

Gladly they came~ We're hungry so we call the maid to take our order.Here is their menu. We're really noisy and kuya Jeff always crack a joke to the maid. He keeps complaining about sweet foods.

We take photo (selfie) while waiting for our orders. Gladly we don't have to wait long for our orders. It was serve right after.

We ordered 
French Fries -120 php
Lemon Berry - 120 php 
Ice Americano - 125 php
This 3 are not seen in the photo

Funny thing... Remember how kuya Jeff keeps complaining having sweet foods? He was the one who ordered Ice Americano, he thought that it was the same with our orders. Well in fact it just a coffee. Then he gave us an advise not to be deceive by its name.


Shiratama Parfait -100php
Java Chips - 160php
Blende Mocha - 155php

Honey Toast - 145ph 
So yummy and super sweet 
I love sweet foods but I surrender for this one I can't explain it after a few bits I can't take how sweet it was.

Chilling after we ate. We also check out their cosplay costumes. We're not able to try it out since we have to go.

Cos Cafe CebuFacebook:
Contact No. : 260-5567
Location: 2nd floor JY Square, Salinas Drive , Lahug , Cebu

That was my Cos Cafe experince I can't wait to go to next cafe. 
May be I should go to Tomo Cafe ?

Thank you for reading. 
See you soon 


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