October 31, 2014

Archcon 2014

ARCH Con X was a blast! 
ARCH Con for me is the biggest event to look forward every year. I been waiting for this date since last year. I wasn't able to attend ARCH Con 2013 because of the Earthquake. I was not allowed back then to go to City. This is my second time to attend, the first one is back in 2012. When they announce the official date and venue of the event I immediately mark my calendar and make sure I will be free. Gladly I am, around noon when I arrive at Ayala Center Cebu. I'm really excited especially this would be the first time I attend ARCH Con alone. Back then I was with my bestfriend Claudine and that was just a quick visit. So this time, I got to stay longer. When I arrived at the venue the first thing you notice is the massive number of crowd. Woahh.... the first thing I done is to take lots of picture of this lovely figures from Visayas Anime Figure Collectors and Hobby Enthusiasts and Gunpla Addiction Cebu

I've seen few Cosplayers around noon maybe they are taking their lunch and the Cosplay Competition will start after the  live Video Game Tournament. So I roam around the mall first and go back to the event to take more pictures.

Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine
How I wish I  own a DSLR. Toy Photography is so cool and fun. Photography will always be my first love. I will save money harder to get myself a DSLR.

Leafa and Asuna of Sword Art Online. 
I seen lots of reviews of this anime but just recently I started to watch this anime (Thanks to Andre for sharing his downloaded animes.).  I'll find some time to watch Season Two of SAO.

Samurai X
Have you watch Rurounin Kenshin Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends?
That was cool right? I think its the best Live Action I ever seen. 
I didn't watch the Anime Version cause I'm not a fan of Samurai but after I watch I immediately downloaded the Anime. I'll watch it if I have free time.

My photos kinda mix up so yah~ The Gunplas are from Gunpla Addiction Cebu Exhibit and the Anime Figure are from Visayas Anime Figure Collectors and Hobby Enthusiasts Exhibit

I didn't expect to see Love, Pinkcheeks herself, Miss Scher Padilla. She got featured in Kawaii Ph since then I been following her in here blog (http://pinkcheeks.blogspot.com/).

This was the only photos worth sharing in this blog. 
I run out of battery when the Cosplay Competition Started so I only have few photos of Cosplayers.

Words can't explain how awesome ARCH Con was.
I will end this post with this picture I grab from ARCH Con X Facebook Page. When I was on my way home I realize I don't have photo of me, even Selfie. So when I was scrolling to their page I seen this and grab. This is the only photo that I'm in, even I'm hardly to recognize.  

That was may ARCH Con X experience. I love to share what happen all through out the event but I cant. A single blog post is not enough. Check the rest of the Album here! .

Thanks for your time!
See you in my next post!


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