November 16, 2014

Kawaii Kawaii At Tomo Cafe

A super late blog post, better late than never. Right?

Despite of being busy and stress with school works, unexpected things always happen. When my university friends and I went to Cos.Cafe last September I shared some of the photos I took to Kawaii Lovers Cebu's Facebook Page

After few days, while I was checking my mails and facebook notifications.
Surprisingly Kawaii Lovers Cebu got feature in Kawaii Philippines Facebook Page. They shared the photos I took at Cos.Cafe. We gather numbers of likes/ followers on facebook. Since then the community is getting bigger and bigger. So we would like to make improvements to the community.

Ate Jane, Kawaii Lovers Cebu's founder and I decided to meet for the first time. It happen last October 10, right after the my Final Exam. Tomo Cafe would be the perfect place to meet her.

Tomo Cafe got its name from a Japanese word "Tomodachi" which means "Friend" in English. Its a maid and butler cafe serving a variety of food, pastries, coffees and teas. A place for students, cosplayers, artists and art lovers, gamers and more!

Here are our orders: 
Mine: Chocolate Overload Cupcake and Chocolate Milk Shake
Ate Jane: Pasta and Flying cauldron butterscotch beer (none alcoholic off course) 

We haven't touch our food yet because we're trying to take good pictures of it. Our food is not photogenic enough. As you can see... My milk shake design is gone.

Ate Jane and I talk about our plans for KLC. I took down notes to what Ate Jane tells me. We also talk about random stuff such as anime, movies, parenting, geek stuff and more. I feel like we know each other for so long.

Ate Jane let me borrow her Camera since I wasn't able to bring mine. After we ate I took photos of the place, while Ate Jane is doing her work.

They decorated the whole place for Halloween. 


We took selfies. I don't know how to caption this... LOL 
The 3rd photo with Ate Jane was like "lets take a photo as if we're talking" and ended up staring to each other and smile. Ate Jane was really nice and mabait. I really love her Kawaii Voice.


I love Tomo Cafe's interior. The feeling is so homey.

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Sadly we have to say goodbye for now. 
I have to go home early because I don't want to be caught in heavy traffic and I'm afraid I'll be having hard time to catch a ride home. For Ate Jane, she stayed longer for her work cause she left her workplace just to meet me. 

That was my Tomo Cafe experience. Hopefully Ate Jane and I could meet again. We communicate through social media together with Mich and new member Angelique.

Don't forget to visit Kawaii Lovers Cebu for more Kawaii Updates.

Thanks for dropping by.
There are lots of cafes I wanted to visit but I'm broke. 

See you on my next post. 


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