January 1, 2015

French Bakery: La Vie Parisienne

   "Someday I will go to Japan and see the Cherry Blossoms  " a little girl said.

You ask, What's the connection with Japan and cherry blossoms will in fact I'm in a French Bakery and Wine Library?. The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I heard of La Vie Parisienne are the cherry blossoms. I know its not the real one but I really love cherry blossoms in Japan. I just really want to see one.

"The first French Boulangerie, Pastry Shop & Wine Library in Cebu. A great overview of tasty french wines and products" - La Vie Parisienne

 Located 71 Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City. Open everyday 7AM-12Midnight.

It's my first time to go to a french boulangerie pronounce as [boo-lanzhuh-ree]  (gosh... I don't even know what's a boulagerie means. *Approach Mr. Google ). Okay! here we go  boulangerie is a bakery that specializes in baking and selling bread. I'm not familiar with anything french so...approach Mr. Google again.

La Vie... is actually last part of our food adventure (Remember our Korean Food Adventure?) though this one is french(super unplanned cause we're suppose to have Korean Food).

When the guard open the door... ohhhh... the mouthwatering smell of breads. Well, we found it really expensive(or just maybe we're already broke since we been into 3 different Restaurant / Cafes).

We really want to know what's at the back of the shop so we ordered four pieces of Macaroons, Lime, Vanilla,Chocolate, Caramel (okay, I found it really expensive imagine that small cost around 50 pesos).  And the Bread Pan (Okay! I don't know what its really called but it taste like bread pan from Oishi) for 10pesos/pc.

This is what I'm talking about a fake cherry blossom tress outside with the awesome igloo like cover.

I honestly don't like the place except for the cherry blossoms. It's too dusty and there were black ants in the tables.

We only stay for a few minutes and after we eat and take lots of picture we leave.

So much happen in one day. All in all I had a great time! Even if I was really tired of all the walking we done from one place to another. This ends my food adventure last December 8 with Andrei, Ivy and Paul. This will be my last post for this year.

I will surely miss 2014! I hope to have I great 2015!
Happy New Year !!!

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Ja ne!


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