December 21, 2014

Korean Cafe: Cafe Talk Library

Here's the second part of our Korean Food Adventure. This time we visited Korean Cafe- Cafe Talk Library. Cafe Talk Library is located at Capitol, Urgello Cebu. You wouldn't have a difficulty locating it, it's very noticeable you can just see it along the way. 

They offer coffees, shakes and frappes, delish food, wide variety of books (you can borrow and read), free wifi and internet, board games, movie and music and big fluffy stuff toys you can cuddle .

The Menu! Sorry candies, its blurry I was really happy ( *mix emotion* I Love Sweets!!! ) and forgot to check the photos.

"A book that is shut is but a block" - Cafe Talk

I can say the Cafe Talk is a great place to study or just simply relax. Not too noisy.

You can choose your own space/ room where you want to stay. Yet. I felt so uncomfortable in our room. Well, we don't have any choice... we choose the upper room. When we went there only few rooms are unoccupied. The rooms in the ground have a wide space but for the upper rooms is way small for four people.

Here's our order!
Andrie and I ordered Java Chip while Ivy and Paul ordered Brownies with Ice Cream on top. Our Java Chip arrive late like around 15- 20 mins. So we did chitchat about our common interest such as our hobbies, Anime, Cosplay, Japan and more.

We stayed there for a few minutes after we eat/ drink because its already late afternoon. And we got one more Korean Cafe to visit.

Then Ivy suggested to go to a French Bakery and a Wine Library. Even if it's not a Korean we all agree to go after our next/last Korean Food Adventure and that is Coffee Prince. I will post about it in no time.

Pretty much that was our Cafe Talk experience. It's all sweet and sugary. Way different from the first one at Pearl Meat Shop and Restaurant.

Thanks for dropping by. See you on my next post!


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