December 15, 2014

Korean Cuisine : Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant

Annyeong haseyo!!! 

Are you by chance a fan of Korean Culture? 
Korean Culture has been popular in ages now K- Fashion, K-Music, K-Dramas and Korean Foods too. Eating Club opened a new poll before the first semester ends with variety  of Cuisine around the world. As admin of the group we arrange everything from restaurant, location, date and budget. Well its our second time around and the first one is Banri Noodle House (Japanese Restaurant) last August.

We first schedule it last November but we're all broke because the semester just started. So we reschedule it to December 6 since it's also Andre's birthday. Andre is my foodie body he is one of the admin of the the group, he's my partner in crime. But out of luck the PAG-ASA announced about the typhoon "typhoon Hagupit" to hit Philippines specifically in Visayas Region. So we again cancelled it and move to December 8 since we don't have class too.

Most of the members didn't make it. So only Andre, Paul and my new friend Ivy made it. Originally the plan is to go to "Pearl Meat Shop & Restaurant " in A.S Fortuna Mandaue but we want to spend more time also to relax a bit from our school project. The great thing Ivy was with us and we both love food, cafes and sweets (and she's into Japanese Culture too). So she tour us around Capitol. Yup! We went to Capitol instead, and Pearl Meat shop have a branch there too. We went to 4 diffirent places in one day. It was a crazy day walking and walking from one place to another.

Pearl Meat Shop is located at The Strip, Osmeña Boulevard (Osmena Boulevard) Cebu City opens from Monday-Saturday 11AM to 10PM.

Honestly I'm really disappointed about the place, it's way different to my expectation. We are not able to have meal in a tradition way sitting on the floor because the customers can only use the second floor at night around 5 or 6 pm. The place just look like a ordinary place to me. Also there are flies, horrible experience. A.S Fortuna branch is way better base on the reviews I've read.

Now to food...uhmm
We ordered Samgyeopsal ,  Daepae Samgyeopsal , Buljip Samgyeopsal, Kimchi.

We cook our own food and it was epic fail really. LOL
Plus Okay here's the thing its again our first time to eat Korean food(I don't know with Ivy) so i feel a little ignorant and again my hardship in using chopsticks.

I'm not into vegetables nor spicy food so Yah! Korean food is not for me. and that horrible smell from the free soup which I don't know what is it called.

And the Kimchi never mind... I think this will be the first and last time to eat korean food(but at least I could give it a try again soon)?

That was my first Korean food experience... Hopefully I could get to use to it someday..
There will be more to come so see you on my next post this time Korean Cafes and French bakery.
Some photos used in this post are from Ivy's phone. Thank You so much !!!

P.S. If you notice some post are missing I'm currently working on something new together with my new blog layout so something to look forward next year? So please bear with me :) Thank You!


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