January 17, 2015

Hello Old Friend at Gentlemen Cafe

Last Thursday( January 8 ) I met with my high school friends at Elizabeth Mall (E Mall) after school. We attend different Universities now that is why I have to met them in the mall instead.

Mommy Aivie and Dereen had their dinner first while waiting for me ate Dimsum. I was late so when I arrived I had my dinner and they waited for me to finish my meal. We catch some time, so we talk about random stuff about university life and off course how Dereen lose weight (now I envy her). After our dinner we went up to buy some gifts( for Kawaii Lovers Cebu Gathering ) by the way I'll blog it soon .

Back to the topic...

Derren still hungry so we went to Gentlemen Cafe.
 I've seen lots of wonderful photo of the main branch that is why I want to try Emall Branch too. At least before I go to the main branch which btw I don't know where).

Gentlemen Cafe is located just across BDO (near the mall’s side entrance)

The staff is not so professional when handling costumers(compared to other cafes I been to). It's nice that they are trying to interact with their customers by joking but I was asking question and they just make some jokes (palengkera). That's why I feel annoyed.

They got sock with some popular K-Pop starts face. I'm not really a fan so I only recognize 2n1.
Oh! by the way I think this is for free I'm not sure since I can't understand the thing the stuff was talking.

This is the menu. I was surprise because they are affordable unlike  any other I been to.

Mommy Aivie ordered Blueberry Milk Tea. She said it was good.
Dereen ordered Butterscotch Milk Tea and Waffle. I was able to take a sip and really regret I didn't try their butterscotch , it was heaven.


Me a fan of sweets and chocolates I had Chocolate Waffle and Chocolate Milk Tea which I 100% regret buying. For my chocolate milk tea I can't taste any chocolate and for my waffle they use dark chocolate which makes my waffle taste so bitter.

When we went there it was almost closing time so we stayed not to long but it was fun. I'm happy to see my dear friends again and hopefully we could plan more meet ups.


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