January 22, 2015

Kawaii Lovers Cebu Mini Gathering

[Read my first meeting with ate Jane: here]

A month ago Ate Jane of Kawaii Lovers Cebu arrange a kawaii meet up / post Kris Kringle. Originally the gathering will happen on the  3rd day of the month but it was postponed because it was raining hard ( the funny thing is after we postpone the gathering, the weather was fine and sunny) *troll weather*.

Saturday, January 10 2015, we finally had our first meet up at Country Basket Lahug. The original plan was to meet at CosCafe Cebu in JY Square mall but the place was closed. We heard that it will be close for good ( makes me feel sad (T_T) ). Anyway, that is why we went to Country Basket  instead.

I known Country Basket for almost a year ago from a Local TV Show. Though its not my first time to try their cupcakes. It's my first time to hang out in their place.

The Place

Near JY Square Mall across Jollibee is Country Basket.
It was so kawaii... the pastel color of the interior plus the yummy looking food. The place is comfy despite of the small space.  Yup^^ the place is way small for a pastry shop but it will not disappoint you.

They have 2 floors: the first floor is where the counter/ food and the 2nd floor is for the customers where the table and chairs. There are tables and chairs out side the building too. The building is covered in glass window, you can have a great view of the road.

The Food

This place is heaven for someone like me who loves sweets. All their pastries looked good! Kawaii to be exact. Everything was Yummy.  We tried 5 of their cupcakes and their blue berry cheese cake (insert : Thank You ate Jane for the treat). Aside from their cupcakes and cakes their drinks, pasta and sandwich is a must try too.

The Gathering

I was the second person to arrive at JY Square off course next to Ate Jane. We waited for other Kawaii Girls to arrived. While waiting Ate Jane and I was chatting about Japanese Fashion and Blogging Stuff.

Around 2pm when Jan and Akemi-chan arrived. So the four of us went to Country Basket together. Angelica, Sai and her sister joind us too.

We started with a talk about Kawaii Lovers Cebu. The mission and vision. Lol! insert Support Group!

We spent the whole afternoon chatting about  kawaii stuff, fashion, arts and crafts,  anime / manga, some chismis, some serious society stuff, and the meaning behind the MV Me! Me! Me! (insert for adults only, Strongly for R18+). It was really fun even if we just talk all the time.

During the exchanging gift!!!
Jan received the gift from me and I got Sai's gift. We also receive a souvenir  and giveaway from ate Jane.

Ate Jane and I receive the best compliment ever - As I thought that I look mature for my age. Angelica and Jan thought that I'm still a high school student and ate Jane is a college student. Lol Thank you Angelica and Jan

Ending this post with a groupie with kawaii girls. This will definitely not the last kawaii meet up. We have lots of kawaii plans/activity for the up coming dates.

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