February 24, 2015

Hidden Mickey

Otaku Fest 8 : The Alternate Universe  was super duper awesome. Before I blog about my Otaku Fest experience I would like to share my outfit of the day. Also, to keep my word to include fashion in my blog post. So, tah dah...

I was supposed to wear cosplay costume right after the Meet & Great with Liui Senpai but I feel a little bit uneasy changing clothes in a public urinal. So I didn't!

Anyways here is my #OOTD. Styling within budget. lol

I got my Pull Over from The Vogue State for very affordable price. Paired with my Jeggings which I got  for very affordable price too from a local mall. Since I was not able to buy a new pair of sandals/ shoes so I used my overly used black shoes (overly means I wear them in school, events and more...). Then it was too late for me to realize to add accessories so I only added a hairband with a big black ribbon from my costume.

What do you think of my first #OOTD Post? I kinda feel awkward about it because I'm not use to it. I usually wear T-shirt, Jeans and rubber shoes. I just discover the girly side of me. Lol

Thank you so much to my friends Jake and Paul for helping me take this photos. Also, to Ivy for letting me use her camera during the whole event.

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