February 14, 2015

Road Trip to South

I spent the last day of January with my family. One of my Aunt invited us to come along with them.
We went to Lindogon, Simala Cebu City (in the southern part), to visit the miraculous place "Birhen the Simala". It was really unexpected for us to go this time because we usually go during summer break . The place is still under renovation just like my last visit [you can read it here].

What made this trip a bit special is we did not take the usual route we always go. One of the reason is we have a baby with us so we decided to take the other route with less cars and pollution. It was really fun! I was really amazed with the  green scenery. I was not able to take lots of photo on the way to Simala since I was sitting at the back of the car. Gladly, my Uncle agreed to exchange seats with me on the way home. So I was able to take photos.

To see the images of the Blessed Mary you have to wait in a very long line. Luckily we went on Saturday so only few devotes where there.  Also, there are lots of different images of the blessed Marry in the other room, such as.. Our Lady of Japan, Our Lady of Sorrow and more.

I never been so close to mother nature for a long time. I was able to relax a bit during this trip.

That was really a great Saturday. It was so tiring yet super fun. I can't wait for next year!


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