March 16, 2015

Meet & Greet with Liui Senpai ~ OMG!!! Senpai Notice Me! ~

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Could someone punch me right now. Oopss! Calm down now Akari.

You have to finish this post first before you faint! I seriously don't how to express this one through writing. If you could just see me while typing this post, you would probably say I'm crazy. 

So candies, let me introduce you to my husbando. Well, you probably know him, he is pretty know to the cosplay community and  even become more popular after he cosplayed Hiccup of How to Train Your Dragon.

When Otaku Fest Team announce that Liui Senpai is coming over to Cebu. All thanks to Andre for telling the good news. I immediately bought the tickets *fangirl screams*. I didn't also expect my schoolmate Leah (also claims Liui Senpai waifu but I'm the original lol) to be a fan of him. I had a crazyyyy conversation with her, like we plan to wear a wedding gown  during the Meet and Greet. See how crazy we are.

February 21 - the day finally come to meet our husbando Liui. The funny thing is, well you know that I live far in the city so I have to travel for almost two hours to get to the city. Our schedule of meet up is 9 - 10 am. I was also a crazy week for us because we had school related activities, and it was really tiring. I over sleep, I was supposed to wake up at five but instead I woke up around six am. I was cramming, because I would arrive in the city around 9am. :( But I still have to commute to the venue. *Someone please pause the time... just please*

I almost cry inside the taxi realizing the time. This is just a once in a life time experience yet I blow it. It was really a bad luck, really candies, I left my Otaku Asia Magazine where Liui is on the cover (wala naka pa autograph *fudge) . Super fail! Still I feel so bless! We arrive at the venue around 9:15 or  9: 30am (I can't remember).  I was really happy when the volunteer told us that the meet and greet has not started yet because Liui Senpai haven't arrived. Thanks Papa God! Thank You!

Liui is so funny, cool, kind and handsome. (OMG! falls...falls... falls in love with him even more)

This really made my day. I got to hang out with my friends who shares same interest. I made new friends. Most especially I got to meet my husbando Liui Senpai.

Thank you to my company during the day Andre, Leah, Franc, Natalia ,Ivy, Paul, and Jake.

Photo Credits to Leah and Otaku Fest.


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