March 1, 2015

Otaku Fest 8 : The Alternate Universe

Okay! Before I start talking about Otaku Fest 8: The alternate Universe... I would like to thank you my wonderful readers for such wonderful comments and likes from my lookbook and other social media account for my first OOTD post worn during otaku fest.

A simple and affordable outfit, you can check it here. Again, Thank You So Much (Arigatou Minna). I feel motivated to share more ootd post and also my goals for summer break (wait do I have a break?).

Anyways... here we are!

Otaku Fest 8 : the alternate universe was so awesome .

It's almost two weeks since the event but I can't get over it. Held at University of the Philippines- Cebu last February 21. It's their eight years now but its my first time to atend. For first timers like me, I was expecting so much. And they never failed me. What made this event extra especial is I got to meet my ultimate crush Liui Aquino *faints* (pssstt... its a secrect) which I will blog seperately soon. I came along with my friends it was really a bit of epic fail?(You will know why once I blog about the meet and greet with Liui- Senpai).

Right after the meet and greet we headed back to event field to check out different booths, exhibits and shops. I didn't bring my camera with me so I only have few photos. All photos from Ivy's camera. Also, Thanks to my dear friends Paul, Jake and Franc for helping me take this lovely photos. The blurry photos was taken by me(I always forgot to adjust the lens).

Around 1 pm there was a Cosplay Parade for all cosplayers also marks the official start of the Cosplay Competition.

It was too hot so we didn't watch the competition instead we look for a place to stay and chill. We had mini photoshoot(?) for my ootd. Off course lots of selcas.

That was my Otaku Fest experince and I can't wait for next year! Really candies...I can't wait! Its my first con this year. Also I look forward to attend more conventions here in Cebu and even in metro.


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