April 5, 2015

Exotic Experience

Oh Yeay! Finally electricity is back and I can now finish this post.  Can you imagine it, life without electricity and internet? Well, I'm not saying I don't have life outside this virtual world. Imagine at night without electricity. A total darkness but fun cause I love stargazing at night. I'm here right now in my room with my cousin. She is super annoying but fun to be with. She's taking an endless selca. Anyways....


February 18 -  College of Information, Computer and Communications Technology (CICCT) Days is annually celebrated every third month of the year. Usually during CICCT Days they only showcase our seniors IT Projects and computer/programming related stuff.  It's a 3 days celebration and in the first day we had visitors. Not your ordinary visitors. They came from the wild. 

A group of Exotic Animal Owners/ Collectors paid a visit in our University. I forgot the group's name but I will update this post once I know. I can see their passion and love in what they are doing. The extra effort in training them to tame. 

It's my first time to see and touch a real exotic and wild animals. And I'm glad to experience it. A once in a life time experience?

Iguana - I want to touch and carry it but I don't have any guts.

Scorpions!!! First time to see a real one. Well, I think it's not a poisonous, because it's kinda scary if it is.

The first thing that comes into my mind whenever I see Tarantulas is my cousin. Cause she would probably scream if she sees one.

Centipede- When I was looking at the container and realize there was a centipede I immediately take a back step. Probably because I just finish watching Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 and imagining the last episode. It really gives me ghost bums.

Fact: You must not touch the tail because when they get stress they will drop their tail.

The brave soul! The biggest snake I've ever seen in my 18 years of existence. I just touch the snake. I'm not brave enough to carry it myself.

Leah is so brave and strong. Imagine she could carry this heavy snake.

With our teachers joining the fun.

The only animal I touch and carry. It's called the blue tongue //something// wait I forgot the name. It's so smooth and yes the tongue is blue. At first I like it but when the owner told us about their species it feels nasty. In the wild they eat dead meat of the animals.


Surely we have different likes / hobbies. As long as we are having fun. People go for something exotic. And I found it  cool. 

"Don't be afraid to be different and unique ."


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