March 4, 2015

Kawaii / Japanophile Blog to Follow

Before I started blogging, off course their are people behind who influences me to blog. I started blogging back in 2012. Today I'm trying to establish my own brand. lol I been to different blogging platforms (tumblr, wordpress, multiply, etc). I even stop blogging because I thought its a waste of time. The drama about it blah... blah... blah.

May 2014 I decided to blog again because (1) I enjoy reading blogs, (2)  I have stories to tell and  (3) these people inspired me to do so. Here's a list of kawaii / japan blogs I been following and  reading. From their first ever blog post to present. I enjoy reading them so I recommend to visit and explore their blog.

She is the first one on my list because she is the main reason I started to blog again. I first know about her when she got featured on Kawaii International. Currently living and working in Japan. Kaila is a Filipina from Philippines. She is very inspirational for all kawaii girls around the world. She does not only blog about Kawaii and Japan but also she shares her inspirational and motivational stories that you will surely love. She founded Japan Lover Me and Kawaii Philippines. Also, I can't wait for her up coming book entitled  "Our Kawaii Tokyo" with Ashley Dy.

Blogging since 2004 Cheesie is from Malaysia. I first know her from the same  Japanese TV Show - Kawaii International. She mostly talk about Japan, Fashion and Baby Junya. Okay before baby Junya, I love her Japan Stories the places, food and many many more... It's like your link/ guide to Japan. I also love her sense of fashion. Even after she give birth to baby Junya she do baby and mama coordinate. That I seriously envy and wish that when the time comes when I have my baby, I would do the same.

 Stella is from Indonesia. I first get to know about her on the same Japanese TV Show- Kawaii International together with Kaila. At first I don't read her blog since I thought she only talk about Make-Up which is not my thing. When she started to talk about Japan and Kawaii, I started to read her blog. I love her honesty when she do her review. As time pass I started to read her old blog post(from the first post to the latest one ). Also she inspires me on a lot of things in life,  Especially even you didn't came from a very well of family as long as you believe and work hard you can achieve your goal.

Tricia Will Go Places began as a The Sortorialist-style blog that revolved around Ateneo students, but in the months followed, ended up orbiting a single subject: Tricia herself. [Preview Magazine - 2012]

I know her before as a photographer with the Gosiengfiao sister Alodia and Ashley back in 2012. I started reading her blog last 2014. Tricia from the Philippines doesn't only talk about fashion but also her travels. Recently she's been talking about her recent trip in Japan. 

Lunie Chan is from France. From LiveJournal to Blogspot that was the time I stated reading her blog. So, I don't know much about her but I love her Japan travel post. Also she is into Japanese Fashion especially Lolita Fashion and it's gorgeous.


A month ago, (Am I right?) lol Kawaii Philippines conducted a survey of Kawaii Blogs so I joined and tah dah...

Arigatou Kawaii Philippines.

Other blogs who got feature :


 I surely have lots in my list that I regularly visit. I will only be sharing five on my list of Kawaii and Japan blog. Off course, I'll be sharing more soon. How about you candies, who is your favorite Kawaii Bloggers? Please do leave a comment below :D 

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