April 2, 2015

My First Summer 2015 Adventure : Harag Beach, Toledo City

March 22 - Before summer officially starts we had a short and unexpected trip to Harag Beach.
Harag Beach it is one of the popular public beach around my hometown. It was really a short notice because my auntie and  cousin paid a visit and insisted to go to the beach. We first plan to go to a private beach/ pool but it was already late afternoon and most of the private beaches are far from our place(we also want to save for our transpo).

Don't expect for a white sand beach or something. But this place hold a special memory to me. This is where we (family, relatives, friends, and neighbors ) go back then before those wonderful, white sand and pool pops like mushroom  in this time.

We're lucky to found a perfect spot somewhere in the end of the beach. We rented a very small and cheap cottage just right for us. For our food we had a salo-salo (small banquet)all are ready to eat meal because we ain't have enough time to cook.(and yah! I forgot to take a photo of it).

I run towards the water as soon as we arrive like a little girl who have seen ocean for the first time -being carefree.

What a perfect weather right? When I realize how beautiful the sun I immediately run towards our cottage and grab my camera.

So, I ask my cousin to do a heart pose .  For my photography practice and to celebrate because finally I have my own camera(a point and shoot camera). It's not a new one it's actually the old one I been using here in my blog but I don't own it. After ages of borrowing my tita's camera she give it to me(as a gift). Yeay!

and off course I join the fun! but they did not give justice to my photo

It was really unexpected for us to go to the beach so I was wearing my University P.E. Uniform. //boo me.
I should have wore a bikini or two piece.... Nah just kidding... I would never wear something like that this time my baby fats are showing. lol

Before we go home my cousins ask me to take a jump shoot! But fails. I haven't tried taking a jump shoot photo so yah! I need more practice.
I ask them to take a jump shoot of me with the matching sunset on the background.
What a beautiful sunset! This is the most beautiful sunset I ever seen.
Sunset is LOVE <3

It was wonderful time to spend with my auntie and cousin who occasionally visit us. Hopefully there will be a part two soon. Cause my Auntie promise to go back and go to different beach soon. I'm looking forward to it. How about you candies how is your summer so far? Is it too hot like what my facebook friends are complaining? Or it's too boring? Just like me.

I'm really bored at home right now in this very moment while typing this post. I'm doing the same routine everyday. I'm looking forward for my summer term class and OJT.

Yah! I look forward on a lot of thing this time. I'm too excited

Well, summer just starting!


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