April 22, 2015

Princessroom : Cafe Tiala

Don't call me rich kid! Okay? Cause my friend just said so and it pissed me off (nah!). I have obsessions when it comes to Japan, cute, cafes and more... Well, if you been reading my blog you'll definitely notice that. You ask me how can I afford living this lifestyle? Simple, the money I spend in all my needs and want are from my damn saving. Yeah! I'm serious when it comes to saving that comes from my daily school allowance(no class no money) //sucks. I don't have work cause I'm studying. I don't know how to balance my time yet. AND DAMN I'M TOO LAZY!

Okay anyway...I went to another cafe last Monday because..., nothing really special. I just thought of going somewhere(more likely to escape the "unknown"). I know I just went to Soda Cafe, friday, last week. // thinking // So, Yeeah! I over spent my savings and right now I'm super broke //breath heavy.

Cafe Tiala - Princes inspired cafe. Located at Unit2-D 2nd floor, The Forum Bldg., Archbishop Reyes. Opens 10:00 am to 12:00 am.

Another Korean cafe- which by the way must of the cafe here in Cebu are owned by Koreans. Koreans who studies English here because it's much cheaper than in Korea. Check  my  list of Korean Cafes: here 

It's my second time around here and actually this is the very first cafe I visited. I blog about it before but I accidentally deleted some of my old post. //boo
Update: I finally found my old blog post, gladly I have my back up on my laptop. Check it out here.

Here is their menu. I love the idea but I really prefer to have a photo of the food. I have no idea what is in the menu and I did regret my order.... keep on reading you will know why.

Oh! they look so yummy!

Oppss... Cause I forgot to take a photo of me when I visited.// boo me //
I wonder why I always forgot to take a photo of me. So I'll just share some photos from last year. I was with my university friends.  The place was just new back then...

//I super love the kigurumi// 

And back today this is how it looks like. Nothing much change except for the decorations. Which really transforms the place for princess.

Back then I was kigurumi and right now they have hanbok - a traditional Korean dress. Oh! Super lovely I want to try it // oh came on you miss the opportunity Vanessa //

Oh wedding gown... I really love it. A super super long gown(not trying to exaggerate it but it's really a super long gown).

At the upper deck of the cafe. I almost don't have opportunity to take a photo here because when I arrive they are already occupied.

And here is  how the room look like. At the right side of the cafe all rooms have TV. You can listen to music and even play games. At the left side is pretty much the same but no TV

Here is my order. Remember I said I regret my order? This past few weeks I been taking small amount of sweet(unlike before). I thought of having sandwich for lunch and a chocolate shake. I didn't know that the sandwich I order is for goat? (?_?) //referring to veggies 

Please don't judge me for saying so, I know how blessed I am to eat something like this, unlike other people who doesn't have anything to eat.

It's just I didn't expect that it has cheese, tomato, and cucumber. // pause // . I hate them ! I was save by the ham and the chocolate shake //cries.

I spend a penny so I have to eat it. // Oh come on! //

I just wasted my whole afternoon there. Drafting a new blog post, studying //damn I still failed the quiz//. Also I thought of maybe I should also do Vlog. What do you think? Any suggestions? Well, I saw this channel in YouTube and I'm pretty amaze by her, shes funny, awesome and pretty.

// this is out of the topic but any NaLu shippers here?

That's how my afternoon went. It was pretty cool. I was able to contemplate a bit about life. I feel so awesome.

Thanks again for reading! I hope to see you on my next post.
More cafe adventures, fashion, food and wanderlust? Maybe.

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