April 4, 2015

What's New?

I'm home right now trying to enjoy the last 3 days of summer break because summer term class is starting soon. Yet. I haven't finish my unfinished school project and work. 

Before I answer " What is new? " I will be sharing this one first. Another backlog post of my March adventure.

March 16 - Day 1 of our Final Exam. 
After our exam I accompany Trixie to her auntie's workplace together with Leah.  Unexpected things happen so I tried to cheer up Trixie by treating her at Coffee Prince.  But, things really happen unexpectedly,  we had 3 rounds of chocolate waffles. 

March 17 - Second Day of Final Exam.
Another unexpected thing happen. There was a fire accident right beside our school. All exams are suspended and move to Friday. Even if our exam got suspended, we still have projects to finish and submit. So, Trixie and our groupmates decided to go to Coffee Prince (again) to do our project(free wifi). At the end, only Trixie and I made it. So we spent the whole afternoon chit-chatting, I ask for her advice on some personal matters. I'm really glad to have friends like her. 

March 21 - After exam.
We went to Simala and it's my second time this year. My first visit this year was last January 30. This time I went with my whole family including my mama. But, when we got home bad things happen I had a fight with my Mama. I was not able to fix my problem with her but hopefully in the right time.

Spotted this cherry blossom like tree on our way home.

March 22 
We went to beach unexpectedly with my auntie and cousin. I already blog about it here.

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March - 29
I receive money from my Tito(a gift). So, I bought these lovely notebooks and crafts stuff. Yeah!

So What's New?
Everything happens for a reason. That I'm sure! Time flies so fast that I didn't realize it's already April. Well, lot of things had happen both good and bad. Anyways...

I have a new phone. Nah! not really I just borrowed this from my cousin. I have to return this after my summer term class. Just in time for me to buy a new one. I have to save and sacrifice my allowance now //cries. 

Here's the real deal... A new blog layout. Well, I was in the mood yesterday to use my laptop and work on my unfinished project. I got bored coding my project so instead I did work on my new blog layout for practice(still coding). I was enjoying coding my new layout so I decided to change it. 

At first, I kinda regret changing my previous blog theme because it's just a 3 month old, I love it and it's pink(oh! I love pink). Also, yeah I spend a penny on it. 
But what I really regret is that I can do it on my own. Yet, I ask others to do it. Still I'm thankful to Ate Annika who always help me when I need a new blog theme. But, I can now manage, I just have to believe in myself that I can do it. I have to practice more to improve my skills.

The Theme - I'm not really sure why I use gold and white as the main color of my blog (should I change it to pink and white). I just want my new theme in a minimalist design. 

Okay! I have to continue working on my school project now. 
That's all for today. What do you think of my blogs new look ? I hope you like it. 


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