May 13, 2015

Cafe Angelica & Barko

Taking a short break more likely sneaking from work... (Pssst.. Don't tell anyone.)
The College Candy is turning one year old in few weeks. Yeay! //throws confetti
In a span of one year a lot of things had happen both good and bad. Even how bad things turn out, I'm still thankful of everything. Mao nay gi.ingon na "in God's perfect time". Through blogging a lot opportunities had open. Things I never imagine would happen to me. I will make a proper blog post  about my (continuing) blogging life. ( I will sneak from work agian...hahaha //just kidding :D )

Talking about opportunities, 3 weeks ago while scrolling on my facebook account I notice a folder name OTHER on my message tab... It was a message from the owner of Cafe Angelica inviting me for their Grand Opening. When I check the poster it was dated 24 of April.. oh no!!! Most of the time I'm online but I never notice that Other message. Until weekend come.It was sent 3 days ago... // why facebook ... why?

Fast forward, I come to their place during my free time. She offered a free lunch and I may say it's not a bad thing at all.

Cafe Angelica and Barko is a Filipino restaurant offering wide variety of Filipino cuisine . Aside form their restaurant they also have catering service... and their vission is....

to create an operational plan, unique to each client by catering to the changing tastes of today's diners; be Customer-focused, Quality Oriented and Competitively Priced. We also conduct all activities with high respect for environmental and health and safety initiatives. [Cafe Angelica's Website]

During the night you can enjoy and jam with their acoustic band.

Lets go their food:
I ordered Lemon Chicken and I may say it's my favorite. You don't need sauce because the lemon juice is really yummy.

Their best seller Lomi  // I forgot how much it cost.
I can't really tell if it taste good since I din't try it. Sa kainit sa panahon samot kainit kong mo kaon pa kog lomi.. I think it good since it's their best seller.

And everyone's favorite Halo-Halo. I just realize we are in the middle of summer but I haven't try Halo-halo, Ice Cream and MaĆ­z con hielo. // Craving for more cold food
The thing I didn't like about their halo-halo is the pineapple because it's a bit sour. They said they will remove the pineapple from the Halo-halo.

They also have a small function hall. You can book your parties here.

Barko - it's a mini bar. It looks much better at night.

I think it's also a great place to relax. It's not to hot. You can enjoy the cold winds.

You don't have to worry about bringing kids because they have this section where stuff toys and hats are displayed. When I ask their staff, she said it's free for use. 

Or it's you who want to take a selfi/photo with these really cute background.

My over all experience is great. They have fast service, customers are well accommodated. Food is tasty and affordable. The place is spacious and pleasant  .

More information :
Address: Acacia St. Gorordo Avenue
Back of Kia Gorordo, 6000 Cebu City
Contact No: 0922 864 7999
Facebook Page:

Thank you so much to Miss Angelica for inviting me over to come and try their food.

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