May 14, 2015

Lookbook #001: Flowers Bloom!

Taken during the In Bloom : A Summer Fashion Show by Jep of Kiat Cebu. Thanks Jep :D
 I still feel really awkward posing for camera. Hahaha...


The  younger Vanessa: 
I dream of making beautiful clothes just like what  my barbies and  princesses wear. Fashion is my passion, I will one day establish my very own brand called Venus. Other nights, I dream of becoming a professional model posing for a fashion magazine and walking in a runway.

Those are my childhood dreams.

But… I’m morena. I have uneven skin tone. I have lots of scar from childhood. I’m over weight for my age. I don’t have the coca-cola body like models have. I want to dress up but I’m not confident enough to show myself. I stick to wearing Shirts, Jeans and Shoes because I’m afraid to what might people say about me. But, those days are gone. Today, I decided to be confident and be proud for who I really am. Not afraid to show to the world that it’s okay not to have a model like body and fair skin… I can show to the world my true self without holding back. I can wear whatever I want to wear.  Creating my own style and fashion.

I choose and decided to chase my childhood dream (because everything is a matter of choices and decision). As of now, I have to concentrate on my studies because I have a year to go before I graduate. After that I will start (continuing) my journey as a dress maker and hopefully establish my own brand in the future. My first step in this journey is figuring out my own style so I will be sharing my OOTD more likely trying different style. I will be exploring more about fashion through dressing up.   This will be learning process. It's okay not to be a model anymore but I will make beautiful dresses for my model :D.


Vanessa is from Cebu, Philippines who loves to document her personal style, daily life, wanderlust and Japan Love in this small space she considers her personal diary.