May 28, 2015

Hello Strangers!!! //Kawaii Meet Up

From Kat's Camera

If you ask me what type of dere I am... I would immediately answer -  Dandere.

I'm shy at first but when I get comfortable with you, you'll see my crazy and weird side. Back then I always have this thought "Don't talk to strangers". When strangers sent me message on any of my social media account expect you'll be seen zone.

I tried to be open minded with the things around me, espec ially this generation. It seems the world is so small. You meet people online that you never expect to be part of your life. So, yah! You won't be seen zone this time. lol I reply and exchange comment to random people as often as possible(though sometimes it took me awhile to respond ). It turns out that I love meeting strangers. I never imagine that meeting strangers would be so much fun and inspiring.

Why Am I talking about it?

Sunday- MAy 17- we had a mini meet up just the four of us[ photo above: left to right] Angelique, Mich, Me, Jane and Katherine. I meet all of them online except for Kat. We have the same interest and love for Kawaii and Japan.

When I found out that Mich is coming home to Cebu I message her and arrange a meet up. Mich is a Cebuana currently living and working in Japan. She comes home to Cebu whenever she can to spend time with her family. We been exchanging comment and message for almost a year now. You might want to check out her Kawaii Adventures in Japan at MichmerizingTokyo. For Jane, well you probably seen her in one of my Kawaii post. You might want to check her blog Marshmallow Jane. Kat is not really into Kawaii-Japanese stuff but I invited her because Mich wanted to meet her too. Kat already blog about our meet up you can read it here.  Lastly, Angelique she is currently studying for her Licensure Exam. She's more into K-pop and Photography.

From Kat's Camera

The first plan is to go to cafe but Mich has to leave early. So instead we decided to have lunch at Sumo Sam a Japanese restaurant to save time. Thanks Mich for the treat.

From Mich's phone

Ate Jane didn't joined us for lunch because she have some work to do. Minutes after ate Jane arrived Mich has to leave already. ahh.. I want to spend more time with her.

After Mich left we went to Ullis to  have some deserts and a little chitchat. Ate Kat is right ....  it felt like I have been friends with them for a long time already.

It was really a wonderful Sunday. To Mich, see you the soonest. I hope I could do more meet ups :D


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