May 15, 2015

Lookbook #002 : Plaids

Another awkward posses. I'm still little shy posing in front of the camera. lol

Anyways, Trixie and I found this small space where we could take ootd photos at our work place. Don't worry we didn't sneak from work this time just to take these ootd photos. hahaha... I'm currently in love with plaids. Like most of my buys are plaid dress and tops. I go to bargain and thrift shop to look for very cheap clothes. What do you think of my ootd?. That would be for now. Also, I just want to let you know that most of my upcoming blog post are shorter than before. Since most of the time I'm busy with school and internship. I can't do outdoor adventure like cafe and restaurant hooping, travelling and more. So, What to expect? More ootd post.

Thank you to Trixie for taking these photos.

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