May 25, 2015

Oppa Cafe in Junquera St. | The Worst Cafe Ever

Hi there! Summer Class is officially over and new semester is coming in two weeks. Also, I finally found a company to work for my internship. Which means no vacation at all.

Last week was a hell week. Why? Because damn I have projects with deadlines to submit. We stayed late in school, skip my internship for a week, skip meals and less than five hours of sleep. It's over for now! But, I bet it would be double for the next semester.

Anyways, as what I said in my previous post, for the first time in forever that my friend Trixie ask me to go out and eat. Usually I'm the one who ask to go out. This is out of stress. We first plan to go to Coffee Prince but Trixie suddenly change her mind and instead we went to Oppa Cafe in Junquera St.. It's one of the newly opened branch of Oppa. The main branch is in Talamban. Honestly, I'm willing to go to Talamban just to try Oppa. When I knew about their other branch in the City I was really happy because I don't have to go to Talamban anymore.

Okay!! ! I really don't know if I should continue about this post(but yah! I'm continuing).  I don't really want to be mean. I shared my experience with my honest opinion.  I don't intend to do food blogging or what. This is a personal blog all about me. If I do food related post that's simply because I love food. Honestly....
This is the worst cafe I been too. If you been reading my old post, you know that I had bad experiences. But this is really THE WORST EVER. 

Before I talk why, lets check out their menu and place.

The Menu- well they have variety of food and drinks too bad most of them are not available when we went there especially the drinks.

Place and Service - It's a very very small place. It has 8 tables if I'm not mistaken. I like the idea of sticky notes on the wall and the hanging photos of their past customers I guess. It's fully air conditioned, they have WiFi  and they are good in accommodating customers.

Okay for the food... if I have to rate it from 0 (lowest)- 10(highest). I wont hesitate to give zero. Sorry not sorry.
It was a treat from Trixie like for the first time and it end up so disappointing and a waste of money. So she ordered Brownies and I ordered Cookies and Cream Milkshake.

The brownies taste like bahaw-bahaw na pan ( bread leftovers ) the weep cream is also disaster. I was  badly stress from school stuff and I thought going to cafe would at least lighten me up but I didn't. It actually turn my mood and stress level to worst.
Though, Trixie said she like it but the next day she said she don't. Bipolar Trixie. What happen? She is just really stress from school that day and so the next day she started to realize what just happen the other day. She too started complaining just like me. hahaha

See the face of my milk shake. That's my face during our stay in Oppa. Yeah! I don't like their milkshake too. Total waste of money. 

Even we are smiling in these photos this doesn't mean we are happy during our stay. Off course you won't take a selfie with your face looking so ugly. Right? We look so haggard from school already at least we could take a decent photo of us. We usually stay stay longer to relax but we just stayed there for a couple of minutes.

 Let's just laugh about it and let it go. I will definitely not coming back to Oppa ever again. 

Because of this incident I think this will be the last cafe adventure(for now).  I have to be more extra careful now ask others first. I think I have to do research the next time I decide to go to or eat so this incident wont happen again to me.

That would be for today. Wooooh! finally I let it out. I feel much better now.

See you in my next post!


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