May 1, 2015

The Work of Art: Picasso Coffee Cebu

Since summer term started I been going here and there to look for company for my internship. On our way to IT Park I notice a new building across Golden Peak Hotel. We just happen to pass through and at first, I thought it was a gallery or art museum. But I have these feeling that it's calling me, which I found really weird. I love art, no doubt, but I was not really sure why it really caught my attention. 

On our way home, we took different route than the one we had on the way to IT Park and we happen to pass through again(I'm not from the city so I'm not really familiar around). It so happen that the light is read - Stop Signal and medyo traffic. When I turn my head to the left side, I was shock - My thought was "Mao man ni ganina among naagi-an"// "we happen to pass through here earlier". And I saw it again, when I was able to read the sign clearly I realize it was a cafe. //mind blown//. 

Now I know why it was calling me...

Later last month, I had my chance to personally dine at Picasso Coffee Cebu. It was after my exam and interview for my internship. I ask my friend a.k.a new food buddy Trixie to go with me. I actually promise to her that i'll  treat her for her birthday and I choose Picasso.

At the entrance of the cafe. 

I first thought of this cafe as a Western / European  Cafe. You know, by the name of it. Until someone commented on my Cafe Tiala post that Picasso is a Korean Cafe(own by Korean I mean).

They open their doors March 27 of this year. 

Tah dah! This is how the cafe looks like inside.  And it has a great view of the road. Which I kinda worry, I mean I usually go to cafe to relax, lay down, talk to my friends and off course enjoy the free wifi. I'm just scared because we're seated in the window side. Someone across can probably see us. I can't let my laptop out(basin atangan or sundan ka inig gawas nimo.). Let's be honest, in this crazy world anything can happen.

I really love their interior. It's very cozy not to mention it's in black and white with a pinch of red. Obviously inspired by the great artist Pablo Picasso. And I've read from another blog that the interior of the cafe is design by the owner himself. 

Off course it has to be with paintings.

Now lets go on to food and service.

Customers are very well accommodated. The staff are friendly even the owner himself. Yet, I'll give them 7 out of 10. Keep on reading why.

And here's the menu: The usual thing you get in cafes. Although, they have much variety of food and drinks. If you ask me about their price, it's actually pricey than the other cafes I been to.

Call it a bad luck but  it happened to me three times in a row. That my order didn't satisfy me.
Trixie said she's fine with any food I choose. I decide to have two Picasso Frappe. Due to my bad experience with the food (the last cafes I been too). I ask their staff to what's in the frappe cause you know I don't want to regret any. All I heard was chocolate-based blended drink with whipped cream on top, sprinkled with choco chips and drizzled with chocolate syrup plus a choco-chip cookie on top //ohh! sound like heaven!!!!!

I was not really sure to what food to pick so I ask the their stuff to what we should get. They suggested to pick sandwich but we're still full. So I pick the lightest one instead - waffle.

When I saw the stuff approaching to our table I almost scream... Heaven !!!
After we took gazillion photos of the place and  food. We started to ingest our food. To my disappointment, the frappe taste like cold coffee... It was Trixie, who first taste the frappe and said -"Van, naay Coffee" // "Van, it has coffee". What??? The staff didn't mention about coffee... So I thought she was joking like she always do. A little trivia about me : I love coffee no doubt to it. I even name this blog before as Coffee Pink before The College Candy. But... I started  shaking (as if I have colds) and it always happen to me right after I drink coffee. The worst thing is palpitation. So, I cut drinking coffee.

 It's fine to me (sana) but, the coffee was to strong that I can't even taste the chocolate or whatever the staff mentions earlier. I don't want to waste my money so I still drink it and hoping nothing bad would happen after. Gladly, nothing serious nor palpitation happen. Thank God!

Waffle Mallow Madness:
The waffle itself is sweet and yummy. You can enjoy it even without the cream and mallows. I don't like the mallows they are using.

Warning... Selfie overload...
In my previous post I don't post any photo with my friends or even a Selfie of me... So I decided to include one in this post and to the next post... It was really fun... We're struggling taking good quality photos then I remember my Mama left her bluetooth device... We're no selfie experts the bluetooth help us a lot.

Playing snake and ladder. Yup aside from the wifi they got board games free to use,

And I won... Yeay!!!

We'e trying to use the bluetooth and didn't mind how the table looks like, its super messy. Lol

Off course selfie with the interior as our background... 

That was my Picasso Coffee experience. Over all the place is  awesome, the serves is good and the food is not so good,

If you wish to visit them here's the information:
Photo Cridets to Little Steps 

I hope Trixie had a great day and enjoy my treat to her because I really did have fun :D
Thank again for reading. See you on my next post candies!


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