June 21, 2015

Carnival at Night

In my hometown most of the fiesta's are celebrated in the months of April and May (or during Summer). Since University life started summer was no fun anymore. I miss a lot of fun activities and festivities. It's the second year I miss our barangay's fiesta celebration because I have summer classes. My summer is a bit boring as usual.

So June came and I thought I won't be able to at least enjoy and experience any festivities. Good thing my cousin told me about the Carnival in our hometown in preparation of the Hinulawan Festival celebrated every June 12 in honor of San Juan de Sahagun. Which I  will also blog really soon. 

I invited my high school friends to visit the carnival but sadly only Ronah made it.

 Toledo City The Copper City with a Heart of Gold.

We ♥ Toledo. At parola just beside the public market.

It's been a while since the last time I had a legit barbecue so before we try the rides in the carnival we first had dinner at my favorite Barbecue Shop (which btw own by my High School Friend).

Whooaahhh!!! I want to try all the rides... Oh! wait do you have enough penny with you Vanessa? //heavy breath//

So the first ride Ronah and I tried is the all time favorite ferry's wheel. The ride's fee is a bit expensive and I didn't expect it.

My view from above.

I didn't enjoy it because it was too slow. We're looking for some extreme fun here!

Next stop is the roller coaster and oh boy it was awesome. Round two please.(T_T) I should have come with my Tita and Tito so they can treat me for more rides. lol

Ron and I can't afford to go for more rides so we try playing this games. I don't know what they call this game but it involves money. You just have to place any amount (even 1 peso) to the number/s(1-24) of your choice. Then the ball is being roll over when the ball stops to that particular number it means that's the wining number. The prize is 1 peso is equals to 20 pesos. Not bad at all and we won. Ron and I won 40 pesos each from our 1 peso bit. I don't gamble and this is just for fun. 

I think for this one is the same as the number game. Yet, I didn't try because they are biting too much money. I just want to play for fun.

Toy Gun shooting game and prizes are food more likely snacks. Oh wait have you seen pikachu?

Ring Shooting game. Five pesos for 3 rings? I can't remember but I was so lame in this game.

We have this in our P.E. Class so I was pretty confident I can win but nah! I didn't.

The monkey show!

And cotton candies. #kawaii

 In the middle of fun I started to have upset stomach because of my hyper-acidity. For all the time why now? So I have to go home asap plus it would be hard for me to grab a tricycle because I live far from the city. 

P.S. Reminder to everyone, If you happen to travel alone at night make sure to get the plate number of the car. I was really not feeling well that I can only think about is to go home asap. I forgot that I'm not familiar with the driver I was with and I started to panic when the man in front of me keep on staring at me in the mirror. The hell I was the only girl in the tricycle. I was glad that I was seated at the back and I can see the plate number and texted it to my Tita. 

Anyways I got home safe and sound. Then I realize I'm home alone while they are having fun. (T_T). When I feel better I wanted to go back since it's still early but I can't anymore.

At least I had fun during my stay and I was able to spent my time wisely before I had my stomach ache. Also, thanks to Ronah for spending her night with me and sorry I have to go home early.

I hope you enjoy's today's post. Part two of this post Hinulawan Festival will be up really soon.
Thanks for reading. See you in my next post.

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