June 3, 2015

Marie Antoinette Syndrome

Hello! Well, I'm up with some random post again. This kind of post is under the tag daily life and/or Diary in the top page. You will know why all of the sudden I'm posting it here and included this one to my daily life/diary tag.

Few days ago while doing my usual thing reading and scrolling on my facebook account I found this photo. I forgot to who posted or shared it but this really caught my eyes and made me think.

I for one a big fan of white haired anime character because they look so beautiful, attractive and not to mention hot. In the story of Tokyo Ghoul (which by the way I only manage to watch the first season cause I don't have yet the luxury of time to watch anime) Kaneki have black hair and I don't find his character attractive physically. Which in episode 12 ( the last episode of season 1) after he was tortured his hair turn completely white and end of season 1. I was in big shock because damn he looks so hot *fangirling*. My question is to why his hair turn white. Oh! please could someone tell  me why his hair turn white. And ta dah! I finally have the answer to my question in that photo.

Anyways it not the real deal here. It's the Marie Antoinette Syndrome have you heard of it? Cause honestly it the first time I heard of it. I'm just badly curious about it because I have white hair strands like 50/60 percent of my hair is white. It started to showing up when I was 7/8 years old I think (I was in my 2 year in elementary). Never in my life the hell I care to why my hair turns white. I just leave it as it is. When I ask my friends, grandmother and auntie why my hair turns white they would just give me answer -"Because of the chemicals of shampoo" or "You tie your hair wet" or "you sleep with your hair is still wet" or "because of the genes". For the last reason it a bit acceptable but my cousins hair are beautiful and black. I'm the only child of my mother so I can't compare it to anyone. As well as, I'm not sure to maybe it my fathers genes. 

Also, this made me think of my early age to what happen to me before my white hair showed up... There's a reason I could think of that is similar to the signs of Marie Antoinette Syndrome. That very experience that actually what I been trying to forget. Which off course will never happen unless I hit my head and have amnesia. If this one is true then maybe... just maybe this one apply to me. 

Never I imagine that the time would come that i'll be curious and do research in regards to this matter. I love my hair as it is. I even wish my hair would turn completely white. I'm eighteen but i don't care if my hair turns completely white.  Though, I receive both positive and negative feedback about it. It's too boring to have the same color of hair as other people. hahaha...

Okay that will be for now I still have to research more (cause I'm taking this seriously)... Hahaha...
Thanks for reading.

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