June 8, 2015

MV Logos Hope The Floating Library

Yeay! I can finally share my recent adventure with my friend Trixie and her friend. I just have to wait for Trixie's go signal before I share this here. It's not that I have to wait for her go signal before I share our adventures together. It so happen that we did something clever which I'm not telling you what...lol

Last month the famous floating library MV Logos Hope operated by a German Christian charitable organization is back again for the second time around. It was 3 years ago when they first visited Cebu and I was still "young" back then to have my guardian's permission to go to city just to see it. I badly want to see it myself but I still receive a No for an answer. T_T

When they officially announce that MV Logos will once again dock in the harbor of Cebu. I immediately grab the change and invited my friends. I'm not really a book lover but I just want to experience it myself and see what's inside the ship. Finally, I can see it myself now.

The first thing you would see in the entrance of the ship.

Obligatory photo. Just in case I forgot how I look like. lol 


And off course the books. They have variety of books like cooking books(my favorite section), kids educational books, novels and bible to name a few.

They also have cafeteria. Sadly, we're not able to buy some food since the table and chairs are all occupied.

With my crazy companion during the day. Trixie the one in stripes and Love the one in white shirt. 


Another obligatory photo outside the ship. It was boiling hot day but we didn't mind just to have a these photos.


During my visit I bought a notebook (I'm such a sucker of notebooks) instead of books. We missed their activities because of schedule conflict. I hope they will come back for the third time and I'm making sure I will buy more notebooks, books and I won't miss their activities.

Thanks for reading :D

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