June 12, 2015

Suw(h)at Na!

Photo from Suwhat.com

Howdy Candies! It's been a week since classes officially started for some students. As a student, one requirement that is already a part of their lives is no other than pen and notebooks. It is important to have notebooks to take down notes especially during exams to serve as a reviewer. One thing that I notice in today's generation is most of the students have smart phones and/or camera. That they (also) use whenever the teachers told them to take down notes. Instead of wasting (few minutes) your time and exerting too much effort in writing, just a click away and ta dah you have your notes in a matter of seconds. And as a Student, I'm guilty of that.

Well, I think it's not an effective way of learning for others (including me). Why? simply because you don't put much effort to it. You take a snap and store them into your memory(the physical memory card). I bet you take a photos of the notes but at the end you don't study them. Listening at the same time taking down notes is (for me) better way to understand the lessons. During suprise test, you will remember some important part of the lesson if not all. Unlike when you take a photo, for sure some will just take a snap without reading it and during exams there a tendency you won't remember anything. The worst is you don't remeber you have notes on your phone.

One good example is my classmate/friend (she's way smarter than I am but I think when laziness strikes, she won't take down notes) who always ask me for a notes during exam "kay kompleto man daw kog notes"(I have complete notes) but I always remeber she take a photo on what's written on the white board or she already took a photo of my notebook days ago. So occationally remind her that she already have notes on her phone. See? And one last thing, your photo won't capture the the thoughts or inpirational lines that will come out from the mouth of the speaker/teacher (or whoever is talking).

What better way take down notes is to have a notebook. The semester is just started so you can still grab a pen and notebook. It's also a perfect time to introduce to you my new find brand Suw(h)at.

Suw(h)at is a Cebu-based crafts startup that just launched last May 28. Simply started as a hobby (and it still is) now into a brand of personalized notebooks.

/sû.wat/ (v.) to write without the rules

suw(h)at is a forced union among two words
suwat - A Cebuano word that means "to write"
so what - the english expression

Suw(h)at Paper Products
Our notebooks are personally handcrafted and its printed designs are digitally designed by the artist herself.
The notebooks are not the place for second thoughts but for the raw and untouchable ones. Suw(h)at products wants to be the tissue paper you cling your pen to because a thought just surfaced, the journal you stack under your pillow, or the notebook your bag is always filled with.
It's your everyday thought extension. Take it in both its literal meanings. write || so what?

Each design is crafted to serve as a symbol of your weirdness individuality.
Never settle for anything that misrepresents you, aryt?

*no slaves were mistreated in the making of the notebooks
. Get to know more about them here.

They have different products design every month and/or you can ask them to do your design. For the first batch of notebook designs are in line with this month’s theme and today’s hype: Game of Thrones. 

Each notebook comes in 64 pages of Ivory paper, with covers not too thick and not too thin. These notebooks are small enough to fit your back pockets and small bags.  It cost 120php each and 500php if you order in the whole set. More info and how to order here.


 Suw(h)at blogging event last week.


I'm one of the blogger who joined the event and we receive one notebook. Exclusively for Cebu Blogging Community members. Awe... Different quotes for each notebooks. And my pick:


The Name of people I want to 'accidentally' hit with a car - Suw(h)at

I have a lot on my list now. Do you want your name to be included? Hahaha... I actually love it, you can really tell that they exert effort in crafting each notebooks.


People behind Suw(h)at from right to left Kai (the idea factory), Remil (the man power) and  Ashley (the one with mad social skillz).


With co-CBC bloggers. Sorry ladies, I'm really bad with names i'll just stalk your social media to remember your names.

Let's bring back the spirit of writing with these awesome notebooks. #suwhatna


Don't forget to use the hashtag #suwhatna

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