June 26, 2015


The College Candy FashionThe College Candy Fashion

It's officially the start of rainy season. Heavy rains during the day and/or night making it extra cold. *hugs*

Last Monday, after our school activity Trixie and I went to Elizabeth Mall to do window shopping. Also I was looking for skirt to pair with my ootd for Refresh! CCC Cosmeet 2015 this Saturday. Too bad, I have to cancel my plans for the weekend because of some important stuff I need to do. Anyways, I was not able to find what I'm looking for. Yet, one thing we realize while shopping is that clothes now a days are undersized showing off too much skins. Making it difficult for us to find for what we are looking and ending up not buying anything. Cause we can't even wear them in school. Also, I'm still a bit conservative on some thoughts especially showing to much of my skin. That's a no-no to me. That's why the next day I decided to wear something different from the usual outfits. One of my favorite is long sleeves or sweaters like even during summer I wore them (It's not too hot at all, my work place have air condition so no problem). With skirts it's not really my thing but I just realize that this  skirt was worn once or twice, I can't really remember but I bought it a year ago. So I tried to mix and match. I think it did work will together. Trixie, also suggested to wear it with belt the next time. I was out of idea for my poses so I tried to do the emote emote peg. Hahaha

Thanks again to Trixie for taking this photos again using her Iphone. I do have my own camera but she prefer using her phone. I didn't know she edits the photos before sending it to me. Awe... Thank you so much Trixie for always being so kind to me. Now I remember the quote she reads to me "My bestfriend cannot stop being my bestfriend because the bitch know to much about me". Not the exact words but something like that. We even make jokes about it. She always tease me because she know to much about me like family matters, personal matters and even crushes. She tease me that she going to tell my crush... Oh no Trixie! You will receive 500 marshmallow punches if you do. lol

Too much about it. Thank you so much for reading. I hope to see you on my next post. Don't forget to follow me.


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