July 16, 2015

Beyond The Cutest Dreams - The Kawaii PH Book

All thanks to technology I was able to witness Kawaii Philippines from the very start up to now. From their first workshop to conventions and lots more. Isn't it great to have a community of people who shares the same interest as you? Kawaii Philippines headquarters is in Manila which is island away from Cebu. I don't get to participate and enjoy their activities. Even if that's the case I  show my 101% support to my fellow kawaii lovers. One of the many activities they are preparing for is the Kawaii in Manila 3: Kawaii in Asia.  They haven't announce it when & where but the only thing I know is that I'm so excited because I might be able to attend. //I need sponsor! 

Anyways, one way for me to show my support to them I bought Kawaii Ph Book: Beyond The Cutest Dreams. Finally got to hold my very own copy last Monday. To save for the shipping fee and other expenses ate Jane bought the book together. I haven't read the book yet because of time constrains. I'll do my best to read it this weekend and write a feedback about the book on my other blog. The proceeds of the book will go to Kawaii Fund to make Kawaii in Manila 3 and other activities of Kawaii Ph possible. 

Okay! I'm shamelessly sharing to you our Kawaii PH Book Unwrapping Video. Ate Jane inform me that the book just arrive and said she wont open it unless I'm there. So we met at Robinsons Mall after my intership and ate Jane's work. We were so happy and excited that we end up taking this video. Lol. I hope you enjoy our video.

You can get a copy of Kawaii Ph Book: Beyond The Cutest Dreams at Kawaii Ph store.

Photos from ate Jane!

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