July 11, 2015

Kawaii-fying My Daily Life with Total Girl DIY School Planner

Hello Candies! *wink-wink* I was missing in action for a week because of some bugs on my blog. I thought it was  hack or something serious but it was just a simple mistake made by me. After asking Mr. Google for help. The sidebar is now where it suppose to be. Yay! *Achievement Unlock*

This would mean that I will be here again to share my adventures to you. Also I still have lots of backlog posts. My Everything Japan series will also resume. I will be featuring and interviewing fellow Kawaii/Japan Lover here. So stay tuned!

But before that, I will be sharing to you my Kawaii Find. This is not a sponsored post. No one ask me to do it but I just want to share this with you(and I use my own penny to buy this). Friday is fly day as we call it. After my internship last friday, I decided to do window shopping with myself (#ForeverAlone) in one of the local mall here. For some reason I think(just I think) I mature because I didn't do impulsive buying with clothes but I was wrong. I went to booksale to check out fashion/sewing book but instead I grab other stuff. And yes, it's the Total Girl (2015-2016) DIY School Planner.

Honestly, it's a headturner for me. When I saw Chichi's drawing I couldn't resist the cuteness of this planner. I was really hesitant to buy it  at first because (1)I know it will only for 'display' on my table, (2) I already have lot's of notebooks and journal, and (3) lastly, I didn't attend university for this semester. But I must say, I was kawaii-fyed. When bought it I don't have the intention of blogging/sharing this here until I got home and check what's inside. *pukes rainbows*

So this is how it look's like with the plastic packaging. I like it because it has a lock and not to mention it's pink. I'm not a fan of spring notebooks but I still like this planner.

Without the plastic packaging. My__________. DIY School Planner

When you open? It also include a cute DIY bookmark.

Kawaii Stickers. It say's 500 cute stickers.

My Dream Board! This is freaking cute! Visualize, draw , post, doodle and write your dreams.

Monthly planner. Did I mention about Kawaii illustration by Chichi? The page includes really cute illustrations and inspirational quotes.

Weekly planner. This is perfect for me who always forgot what day is today. You can include emoji feels of the day from the stickers.

Goal for it! Plan ahead of time. Here you can list what's you're plan for the (school) whole year.

Life Tracker. How is your year so far? We're you able to save money or not. So what's your action.? 


Isn't this planner great? I mean, this reminds me a lot of the things I have to do. I'm kawaii-fying my daily life. It's not to late to grab a you're own planner and have a great (school) year. I really do recommend this planner especially for students. 

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you on my next post.

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