July 14, 2015

Kawaii / Japan Blogs I Follow (part 2)

Hey Candies! Look it's me in animated version. I had fun creating my own chanrio. You can create yours by visiting Chanrio.com . The story behind my look:

I'm walking in the street of Japan wearing my Kimono while Cherry Blossoms petals are falling. Drinking a cup of  coffee because I'm a coffee addict while holding my camera capturing the beautiful scenery and off course the happy memories.

Hehehe... It's just a dream, because I'm a dreamer. I can't wait for that day where this is no longer a dream. See you the soon Japan very soon. //insert enthusiasm

To add up, the hair which is almost the same as my new haircut especially if I don't have a bad hair day.

Anyhow,  I receive lots of positive feedback from my first version of Kawaii / Japan blog I follow. So why not make a part 2, 3,... . I have them on my bookmark to get updates regularly. I really love and enjoy reading these blogs. And I'm sure you will enjoy them too. 

(click blog title or photo to redirect)

Oh My Little Girl by Chai

Naomilku by Naomi

Marotesque Diaries by Micaela

Hello Crissey by Crissey

The Dream Machine by Armaine

Candy Kawaii Lover by Ashley Dy

Sparkle Side Up by Eimear

What do you think of my list? I hope you enjoy them. I'll do my best to have part 3, 4,5... of my Kawaii / Japan blog I follow. Do you have a blog or blog recommendations to follow. Please do share them with me. I would love to check them out. 

Also, Thank you so much for all the heartwarming comments and mails candies. *virtual hugs*. You keep me inspired to pursue and chase my dreams. If you have any other recommendation to what you want to see in my next post. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me. I would love to hear your suggestions. 

Thanks for dropping by! I hope to see you on my next post.

Vanessa is from Cebu, Philippines who loves to document her personal style, daily life, wanderlust and Japan Love in this small space she considers her personal diary.