July 24, 2015

Photolog: Christmas Village

Hey! I'm back with another throwback post. I know I'm such a bad blogger. Imagine this post has been in my draft for almost nine months already. And I'm just posting this today. Blame it to my lazy *ss. I been postponing this post and my other posts until I move here and decide to publish all my backlogs. At least before I publish the newer ones. Lol

Anyways, November last year, my friend Ronah have some sort of mini meet up for a celebrity fan club *cough*// Jadine Fan here //. Since it was weekend and I have some free time I accompany her. 

The mini meet up was held in Sm City Cebu. We went there early morning so we could do window shopping before the meet up in the afternoon. (I will share about it in a separate post.)  

And one that caught our eyes and attentions are these wonderful winter wonderland miniatures on display at the Northwing of the Mall. 

Filipino's know to be the longest to celebrate Christmas. As early as November Christmas Trees, Lights and decors are display in homes and/or public places.

By just looking at it, It feel so relaxing.

For someone who live in a tropical region. Imagining to what if we live in a cold place. Imagining snow. Not to mention the bipolar weather now a days. The are times it rains hard sometimes it's too hot. I just remember my grandma told me a news about hail storms. *Goosebumps* What's happening to the world now?

Anyways, I kinda wanted to collect some of these. But I think it's costly. Maybe some other time or maybe not. //Sorry I can't make up my mind, I have a tendency to shift my decisions.//

It like a whole new mini world.

I'm looking forward for this years miniature displays and of course the Christmas Decors too.
And Santa, I know Christmas is a few months from now but I just want to let you know that I'm really a good girl now. Thank You. 
Hehehe... Thanks again for reading. More throwback post soon.

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