July 26, 2015

The College Candies

As I mention in my last post, I'll publish my backlog posts first before the latest ones. This was by the way the continuation our Mini Fan Club meet up last November 2014. My friend Ronah is part of a celebrity fan club and they decided to have a meet up with the other members. So I came with Ronah to accompany her at the same time to bond with her. We been friends since high school when I transferred to our Alma matter. When we graduated high school, we attend different universities for college so we don't have the luxury of time to see each as often. It was really a great time for us to just hangout again after ages. 

I'm not a morning person so I look completely blank. I'm still not used to traveling back in forth back then especially early morning. The meet up was scheduled in the afternoon so we went there earlier for us to do window shopping. But nah! not really I got bankrupt after this.

My friend Ronah.

We had early lunch before we roam around the mall. We ordered steam rice and a salad? Like, really a steam rice and salad? What was I thinking back then.

With the marshmallow baymax. //Need baymax hug//

Obligatory photo of the miniature on display.I already blog about it here.

We got tired  and hungry after all the walking we did so we look for a place to chill. 

Back then also my facebook friends has been sharing about crepes in Japan. That I wanted to try it myself.

I was expecting for a crispy something but crepes are soft crusted with ice cream. And, Ummhhh... kinda disappointed cause  from the photos I've seen they have like real fruits and more. 

Happy us!

Ronah had the mongo flavored crepes while mine is chocolate flavored.

So it's time for Ron's meet up so I left her and decided to roam around again alone. And be back after the meet up.

I had a great day with Ron. I can't wait to hangout with her again. This by the way the reason when I said I went bankrupt at the end of the day. Lol

Thanks again for reading.

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