August 25, 2015

Blogger Hacks: Interview with Kawaii Enthusiast and Cover Artist Mica of Marotesque Diaries

Get to know Mica a Kawaii Enthusiast and Cover Artist from the Philippines. She's the blogger behind Marotesque Diaries.

Illustration of Mica. Art by Little Miss Paintbrush.

Van: Please introduce yourself.
Mica: Hi! I'm Mica! and I'm a 23 year old kawaii enthusiast, anime lover, fujoshi, gamer and cover artist!

Currently an intern, PR specialist, and blogger at Kawaii Philippines! I'm also a frustrated photographer and artist, but no one needs to find out that I'm frustrated (⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒) I've been a YouTube anime and jpop cover artist since 2008 and I love singing and dancing!

I love eating and taking photos of kawaii food!
I also love collecting toys and anything Kawaii!!~ if you want to know where I buy/get/got some of my stuff feel free to ask me!~Nice to meet you all!

cupcake heaven at Vanilla Cupcakes

Van: Why/How did you fall in love with Japan and/or Kawaii Lifestyle?
Mica: I fell in love with Japan since I was young, can't really remember how, but it sort of just happened, like it was meant to be and it was something that made me happy (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I've been into kawaii since FOREVER, but just came out of the closet last year, when I heard about Kawaii PH and sucked up my courage to become a part of a revolution!

Van: How did Kawaii and/or Japan change your life?
Mica: Both of these aspects change my life for the better! Most of us are aware of the challenges we all face in this lifestyle, the judgmental looks and whispering, seeing people snicker at you when you walk by, and how people, even your own family, can make you feel like you're different or not normal, and these are just SOME of the difficulties we face as kawaii enthusiasts, and I used to deny it. I used to deny me loving anime, loving Japan and loving kawaii, and now that I embraced it, I feel more confident than I ever was before!

Kawaii has taught me to be honest about myself and to never feel like you don't belong in a community just because of it, I realized that I don't want to be part of the community, I want to play the part of empowering people about it.
Recently, I've been more confident on how I live my life and started not caring with what other people think (whether they think I'm weird or not) I'll just embrace it!

Van: What inspired you to start your own blog? How long have you been a blogger? And, what is the main topic/subject of your blog?
Mica: My blog under Kawaii PH started last year October, and my blog would almost be 1 year old, but I have actually been blogging since 2009! I just switch platforms and all, and got really busy. But now my blog focuses on the kawaii lifestyle I'm trying to live to make me happy and to hopefully inspire other people who have gone through the same experiences as I have or are going through right now.

I've always been the "go with the flow" type, but since I started this blog, I do want to inspire as how I was inspired as well! spread the kawaii positivity in a world full of negativity!

During the 2nd Larme inspired photo shoot; dress by dolly kaye, photo by Yool Photography

Van: What are the changes and opportunities did blogging give you(if any)?
Mica: I met more people! Through blogging, I was able to find, meet and become friends with people who share the same love with kawaii, anime, japan as I do~ May it be locally or internationally! It's fun to read others experiences, success, and love and appreciation with the japanese culture! I still hope to meet more people!

I discovered that I can also be a deep and understanding person through blogging, sometimes it makes me think, that all people should blog so that before judging anyone, read about their lives first...

Van: Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites?
Mica: Rainbowholic (Kaila Ocampo) of course! Our kawaii leader and Kawaii PH founder, who has inspired and is still inspiring many more boys and girsl to chase their dreams and never give up! She's living proof that dreams do come true and all you have to do is work a little harder while believing you will achieve it! Her blog posts are light, inspiring, fun and colorful! Anyone who would stumble upon her blog would really fall in love with it!

Candy Kawaii Lover (Ashley Dy) is the epitome of otona-poi kawaii! when we say kawaii, people tend to think it should be "child-like", that it should always have ribbons, hearts, laces, stars, cute characters, etc. And if you don't have those, it's not kawaii... Well Ashley is here to prove that when it comes to kawaii, it's not only for literally cute items, clothes, etc. She's mature, cool, and kawaii! Dressing up in an otona-kei manner but still has that kawaii hint on her! An inspiration to girls who feel that they can't be kawaii because of the mature features that they have!~

I do love a lot of blogs, but I read theirs the most as it inspires me to blog more and share more!

Van: In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?
Mica: Anywhere the Kawaii wind blows me... as long as I'm happy

Something that also makes me happy, things that make me a magical girl!

Van: Any tips to fellow / starting blogger.
Mica: Be spontaneous! Don't pressure yourself with wanting your blog/posts to be the same as the people who have been blogging for years,  of course it would take time for you to figure out how to work the platform and how you want to personalize it so that readers would remember you, slowly adjust it and post things you love!

Take good pictures would be my second tip, it doesn't have to be taken using a DSLR or like a really expensive camera or what, but at least make sure nothing is blurred or it's not dark, lighting is the key!

Third would be be creative, search google, ask people, create your own concept!

and last would be, have fun! don't always think of the perks of blogging, but think about how you have fun doing it!

During the first Larme inspired photo shoot! I am so awkward! haha! photo by Chichi!

Van: Message to your readers.
It's always fun to read some comments, and I really appreciate all of you!~ Hope we can all chat often! feel free to leave comments and we can chat! I'd love to meet fellow bloggers and kawaii enthusiasts!

Van: Where can we find you?
Sound Cloud:

**Feel free to listen to a sample cover I did, it's the OP theme of one of my favorite anime's Creamy Mami**


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