August 8, 2015

Blogger Hacks: Interview with Kawaii Lifestyle + Motivational Blogger Kaila of Rainbowholic

Bloggers on Point: Interview with Kaila of Rainbowholic | Simply Vanessa
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Up close and personal with Kaila Ocampo Filipina Kawaii and Motivational blogger behind Rainbowholic.

Van: Please introduce yourself.
Kaila: Hi, I'm Kaila! A 24 yr. old Kawaii Lifestyle + Motivational Blogger at Rainbowholic ( I am also the team leader of Kawaii Philippines, founder of and half of OurKawaii.Tokyo and I love managing websites (all at the same time). I like my hands full with projects and collaborations (could be positive or negative, haha!).

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Bloggers on Point: Interview with Kaila of Rainbowholic | Simply Vanessa

Van: Why did you fall in love with Japan and/or Kawaii Lifestyle?
Kaila: I fell in love with Japan because of its interesting and unique culture. After immersing myself with Japanese pop culture when I was younger, I started to dream about living in this dream world and building myself in Japan. Kawaii Lifestyle inspires me to dream, create, achieve, and be myself.

Van: Now that you live in Japan. What are the changes in your life(can be negative, positive or both)?
Kaila: I have been living here for 4 years or so and a lot has changed from before. I'd like to believe / consider that these are all "positive" changes even if I encountered a lot of negative circumstances / incidents along the way. I learned how to more independent and responsible here. I learned how to appreciate my loved ones (family and friends) more back in Manila since I do not get to see and speak to them everyday.

Bloggers on Point: Interview with Kaila of Rainbowholic | Simply Vanessa

Van: What inspired you to start your own blog? How long have you been a blogger? And, what is the main topic/subject of your blog?
Kaila: I got inspired to start my own blog (before Rainbowholic era haha) because I wanted to improve my English composition skills when I was in highschool. I have been a blogger since I was 14, and I already got my own "dot com" that time. I am also a self-taught webpage designer.

My current topic / subject of my blog is "kawaii".. with scoops of "inspiration".

I included inspiration because one of my goals as a blogger and online influencer at the same time is to make the reader feel that he/she can also achieve the things I have done before / I am doing right now. I do not aim to be envied by showing a perfect life online as a blogger and somebody who is already living  her in dream in Japan but rather, I want to creatively express who I am by showing photos (how I see the world) and to be able to share my experiences to people out there who might be needing a boost or a pep talk.

Bloggers on Point: Interview with Kaila of Rainbowholic | Simply Vanessa

Van: What are the changes and opportunities did blogging give you(if any)?
Kaila: I created my own platform to let myself be discovered by people who truly appreciate me. In this society, most of us are told that in order to be successful, you have to "fit in". By creating my own blog and being stubborn about it (I was blogging even if I didn't have any readers from the start. I just really wanted to share.), I was able to create my own world where everyone is welcome to take a look of my ups and downs. With my blog, I developed an important character trait that has helped me as a person, and this is by "being true to myself ".

Blogging alone did not give me these opportunities.. rather, what helped me a lot is the habit that I developed because of blogging. Yes, blogging can help you in the future by providing opportunities, but maintaining or developing a certain attitude is also vital if you want to become a "successful blogger" (which is subjective by the way).

Van: In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?
Kaila: In the future, I hope that my blog will make me ~  take a trip down memory lane ~. I hope that 5 years from now, I will be very proud of myself (from Kaila 2013 / Kaila 2014 / Kaila 2015). Hihi.

Bloggers on Point: Interview with Kaila of Rainbowholic | Simply Vanessa

Van: Any tips to fellow / starting blogger.
Kaila: First tip: Ask yourself: "Why do you blog?" If one of your goals is about self-expression / sharing / documenting your journey towards your dreams, very very good! :) If your first goal is to be famous and get all the opportunities like established bloggers, as someone who has been blogging for almost a decade, I would advice that it's not healthy to have that kind of singular mindset in the long run. It can be objective #5 but try to avoid it to be objective #1. An extremely competitive disposition while starting can also bring you down. Be sincere with your blog, show the real you, and the readers will appreciate your amazing weird / crazy self. And the feeling is very very rewarding. :)

If you are a starting blogger, I know that it might be overwhelming and sometimes it feels like doubting and asking yourself "Will I have my own unique voice where there are so many bloggers already?".. but please, do not be discouraged. Keep in mind that we all have something unique to offer. We are gifted with different sets of skills. You don't have to follow a certain trend or go with the flow. Stick with who you are but be flexible too.

Develop an attitude too that it doesn't mean that if you are blogger now, you should feel "entitled" to something. :)

Other than these pieces of advice, gambatte ~!

Bloggers on Point: Interview with Kaila of Rainbowholic |Simply Vanessa

Van: Message to your readers.
Kaila: Hi Rainbowholic friends! Thank you for believing in me. I am still the same old girl who restarted her blogging dreams here in Japan. You guys inspire me the most to keep going. I will not be where I am right now if it were not for you all. :) Arigatou from the bottom of my kawaii loving heart! :)

Instagram: @rainbowholic
Twitter: @kailaroo

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