August 1, 2015

After the Storm

Let's welcome August with another and finally last throwback post. Yeay! So few days after new year my family and friends went to the beach. It's not actually the typical time to go to the beach that time. Not because it's not yet summer but it was right after a strong typhoon hit Philippines. No Mr. Sun yet and it was a bit rainy day. It was unplanned for us to go to the beach like seriously I was enjoying and cuddling myself in the cold weather and suddenly my Auntie appeared in my room saying we're going to the beach. Wait... what? Seriously the typhoon is still in the Philippine Area of Responsibility even you say our region is not affected anymore. But, off course I went with them since we don't go usually in the beach and it might not happen again this year.

Before going to the beach we first went to the public market to by our food. Since we're not prepared for this outing. When we go to the beach we usually cook our food instead of buying so we could save money.

Later that I know, that it was actually my Uncle's birthday my Mama and Auntie's cousin. They intended to do a family outing but they got bored probably because also of the weather. So they decide to invite us. Glad they did. This is a very unique experience of my life.

I was kinda surprise that there where lots of people in the beach despite of the weather. Parang pabebe girls lang 'walang makakapigil sa amin'. LOL

I'm not really comfortable showing off my skin so shirt and shorts for the beach. And then I remember I was wearing the same university P.E. the second time I went to the beach. You can easily guess that I have few numbers of clothes.

It was super cold and windy.

My cousins enjoying the strong waves. It was really crazy.

I think this is the second or third time I (accidentally) drink alcoholic drinks. (I don't drink its just all happen accidentally). Anyways, a failed jump shot by my Auntie.

Another jump shot. Most of my jump shot are fails.

It was just super awesome. I wish I got to hangout with them again especially we're grown up now. We have different priorities that sometimes we forget to have fun and be together.

Thanks again for reading. I can now share the latest happenings in my life.

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