August 3, 2015

CBC Blogging with Blogspot Workshop plus KKB Team Refreshment

Weeks ago CBC leads arrange a workshop for us members who uses blogspot as our blogging platforms for FREE. I grab the chance to join them since I really wanted know more about blogging and to improve my blogs. Our Sensei Gay Aida Dumaguing have been using blogspot/blogger for 5 years. She's so kind to share her expertise and knowledge about blogging with blogspot.

Also, few days after they announce the workshop our leads come up with another get together with all the members. Just to get to know each other even more. 

The workshop and get together was held at Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts at J. Lorente St. (just beside Hi- Precision in Fuente). Thank you so much to Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts for having us.

I also got to know the daughter of the owner and she's the one behind these yummy pastries! *heaven*

Everyday Yoyi's! I highly recommend this shop because it's really delicious and affordable. /Kayang-kaya sa bulsa/

The workshop was originally at one pm then they move it to three pm. I though I was already late for the workshop because of heavy traffic. Gladly, /filipino time/ we started very late like four or five pm.

Before we started the workshop, Gay treat us with this yummy cassava cake and revel bars.


Yay! and the workshop finally starts. It was all informative and Gay answers all our questions at the same time give feedback to our blogs. Thank you so much Gay!

Footlongs courtesy of Yoyi's. One thing I was not inform that we're going to eat a lot that day. I mean aside from the get together which is in the later part.  

The workshop just ended!  And more foods are coming oh Thanks Tara for this brazo de mercedes.

It was also a post and pre birthday celebration of three of our leads and members Channel, Jeph and Ian. So glad to meet these awesome people. 

Oh! I almost forgot I'm such a bad blogger (again). I prepared my gadgets (phone, laptop and camera) night before workshop but the fudge I left my camera's battery. So I end up using my phone. Gladly, the photos seems to be good enough to share with you. Yet, I can't find the video's I took during the gathering.

Anyhoooww... more food !!! /Naguba ang diet/

It was really a great experience to spend time with these awesome people. Again thanks to Gay for helping us improve our blogs. To our leads and other members of the community YOU Guys always make me feel welcome in this family. Also Thank you, for the opportunities you have given to newbies like us.  I can't wait for the next event and get together.


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