September 25, 2015

2nd Japan Education Fair and Convention (Cebu)

September 13 was the Japan Education Fair and Convention Cebu Leg. Off course, as a Japan Lover I wont miss this event. The event aims to promote Japan as a destination for education in terms of global competitiveness. The fair is organize by Jellyfish Education Consultancy(JEC) Philippines, Inc. in cooperation with Japan Foundation.
With my fellow bloggers from Cebu Blogging Community Kuro, Camille, Alyssa and John. I'm always and forever thankful to CBC for this another opportunity to cover the event.
Different Universities locally participated in the fair to create opportunities for student.
Different Japanese Universities, language schools and vocational institutes also participated in the fair opening their doors for to Filipinos who would like to study and have a degree in Japan.
There were different activities going on in the stage like how to wear kimono, basic Nihongo workshop, Karate and Kendo performance, J-pop, Cosplay and Japanese Fashion Style Ramp. 
I haven't tried wearing Kimono but a friend of mine told us it's much heavier than Yukata. Kimono and Yukata are both traditional garment. Though, Kimono is considered much formal than Yukata. Yukata are worn must especially during summer. If you also remember I had a chance to wear Yukata last month at the Japanese Summer Festival Bon Odori. I can say Yukata is much lighter than Kimono.
Kawaii Lovers Cebu also participated in the Fair! Yay! //Achievement unlock.
Aside from covering the event I also help KLC booth. Looking back we only have less than 10 members in the community and now we are growing. 
It was out of the blue when we decide to take part in the fair. This is also to promote our upcoming event - Mata Expo Cebu this coming February 6, 2016.
We take Kawaii life seriously. Teacher Angel aka the new Abby Sy. 
People who visited our booth had the chance to join our little raffle. 
Here's our coordinates during the day. Our theme is Harajuku Fashion.
We didn't betray you Angel when we say wacky pose. It's just we look wacky already on our face. Lol

Photos from Kuro, Sai and me.

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