September 20, 2015

Blogger Hacks: Interview with Ashley Dy of Candy Kawaii Lover

Ashley Dy is known for her otona-poi(sophisticated/mature/pretty-style) Kawaii Style! When we say kawaii, people tend to think it should be "child-like". Well Ashley is here to prove that when it comes to kawaii, it's not only for literally cute items, clothes, etc.

Get to know more about Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover.

Van:  Please introduce yourself.
Ashley: Hi~ I'm Ashley! They say my style is simple and "kawaii". While I think, my style is the reflection of my personality. I'm into sustainable fashion which means I support a lifestyle that is more concerned with the future.   

Van: Why did you fall in love with Japan and/or Kawaii Lifestyle?
Ashley: It just came natural to me. Growing up going back and forth / living in Japan, I was immersed in the kawaii culture. In Harajuku, "kawaii culture" is a community who support each other. I loved that~

Van: How did Kawaii and/or Japan change your life?
Ashley: I could say that it moulded me into the person that I am today - sensitive to other people's feelings, cares for the environment, and most of the time quiet.

Van: What inspired you to start your own blog? How long have you been a blogger? And, what is the main topic/subject of your blog?
Ashley: I've been blogging for 6 years now - it started because of my passion for writing and sharing information. I usually write about anything that I find helpful / inspirational for other people. 

Van: What are the changes and opportunities did blogging give you (if any)?
Ashley: People usually ask me, "how did you became successful blogger that you are now?" I guess being called successful person is one of the perks that blogging has given me. Although I personally believe that success is relative, I'm grateful that other people consider me as such. There are still lots of things that I have to accomplish when it comes to blogging but for opportunities - does it mean getting invited to events? free trips abroad? 

For changes, I am very much still my old self- I veer away from a "blogging celebrity status". I like having a voice but at the same time, I enjoy being myself. 

Van: Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites?
Ashley: There are a few.. I like Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl the most because she's very humble and unique.

Van: In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?
Ashley: Somewhere nice?

Kidding aside, my dream is to be an inspiration to other people. I wish my blog will take me to a position where I could share my voice / opinion to others. 

Van: Any tips to fellow / starting blogger.
Ashley: Discover your niche/ something unique about yourself then blog about it. Ask yourself, "how can I make a difference?"

Van: Message to your readers.
Ashley: As always, thank you so much for supporting me. Without you, I'm nowhere. 

Van: Where can we find you?

Photo/s: Ashley Dy

Vanessa is from Cebu, Philippines who loves to document her personal style, daily life, wanderlust and Japan Love in this small space she considers her personal diary.