September 12, 2015

Japanese Summer Festival: Bon Odori 2015

Another late blog post but better late than never. Right? Anyways, you must be wondering why there is a Summer Festival here in Cebu well in fact August is a rainy season. In Japan, summer season starts on the first week of July and ends in September if I'm not mistaken. During summer, Japan is also known for its Festivals. One of those festivals they celebrate annually is Bon Odori.

Bon Odori is a dance performed in summer time in Japan. In Japanese religion, all the ancestors visit their descendants in the middle of August (July in Tokyo), Bon Odori is a welcome dance for them. In August, there are many Bon Odori Matsuri where you can enjoy dancing Bon Odori everywhere in Japan. - Must Love Japan

What a great opportunity to experience Japanese Festival without stressing so much about how expensive it is to fly to Japan. Not to mention it's a visa and passport free experience. How did it happen? They brought Japan to the Philippines. I'm glad Japan is getting closer and closer to me through Japan related events and convention locally.

The event is also to strengthen the relationship between Japan and Philippines. 

Bon Odori is a two-day event from August 7 to 8, however we only made it on the last day. I was with Ate Jane, Ashley and her sister. There were different activities like Yukata Contest, Karaoke Contest, Cosplay Contest, Karate Exhibition and Mochitsuki(Rice Cake Pouding) to mention a few.

Aside from it's my first Japanese Festival it's also my first time to wear Yukata a traditional Japanese clothes usually worn during summer.

Aside from the activities there where stalls/ booths that you can enjoy.

'I came here for food!'
One thing I look forward in Japanese Festivals are their food!

What is Japanese Festival without Japanese Food? Right? Japanese Food are SUGOI!

Aside from the food stalls, there were booths selling different Japanese goodies.

I also met my fellow Kawaii enthusiast from Kawaii Lovers Cebu.

Photo from Kuro

It was INSANELY FUN! Before we got the chance to check all the booths and other activities it rained really hard. I even thought it wont stop anytime soon. Imagine us wearing Yukata and sandals, our movements are very limited because Yukata are really tight. Thank God! The rain stop and we are able to check all the booths even it gets really muddy we just walk and walk. I even hurt myself because of the sandals I'm wearing.

We check every booths and found this tarp with cherry blossoms and a Japanese umbrella. I immediately ask Ate Jane to take a photo of me. *Japan Feels!*

Oh! I forgot to mention we receive free tickets to enter the event because of wearing Yukata. Japanese people are really friendly, they appreciate it when they see you enjoy their culture, food and more. Another is we receive a few freebies also from random Japanese people. Domo Arigatou!

I'm looking forward for Bon Odori next year. 

You can watch my Bon Odori vlog here!

That's it for today! Thanks again for dropping by!

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