October 12, 2015

October 2015: Park Place Beach Resort

The best way to spend your weekend is with your family. When I started working more than a month ago I don't have much time to spend quality time with them. Seriously, when I bump into my relatives they randomly talk to me like hey, for the first time in forever that he/she talk to me. They also notice a lot of changes in me that I did not realize.

Anyways, aside from me, my cousin Angel and her father, I didn't know that my Auntie Vilma and my cousin Jhacin will also be celebrating their birthday this October. 

To celebrate in advance we went to the beach and this time we went to a private beach. Park Place Beach Resort is almost an hour away from our place. It's my second or third time here and this place never failed to amuse me.

I really wanted to see sunset just like the last time we went to the beach but I guess it's not the best beach to watch sunset.

A bonus photo of me before we go home.

Guys if given a chance to spend quality time with your family grab the chance. Because you never know when will you be able to do so. You can never bring back the lost time.

That's it for today! Thanks again for dropping by!

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