November 3, 2015

We Meet Again | Gentlemen Cafe @ SM City Cebu

I made a promise to myself to do more style/fashion post here but I always end up writing about food. This post is not an exception to it. Before my birthday I went to the City to take care of some of my responsibilities. I was not planning to go there in the first place but I just had too. It was a boring afternoon while I was waiting inline, I was scrolling on my facebook and my friend posted something. She was craving for food. So I invited her to meet me also to treat her for my birthday in advance.

While waiting for my friend, I just roam around SM. And found out that a new branch of Gentlemen Cafe had open. 

It's been a month since they started operating. It's also perfect when you want to rest while inside the mall.

The whole place is really spacious.

They have a variety of food and drinks. What I like about their menus is they have separated and label it. Very convenient for me since I refrain from drinking coffee.

The rooms are also spacious enough if you go there in group.

I ordered non coffee chocolate chips for 145 php. And a chocolate waffle for 50 php.

The food and drinks was really good compared to their Emall branch.

What I don't like is their customer services. No magic words at all. I happen to stay in a room where their stock room happen to be there too. When ever they get something in the stock room they wont even ask permission or say 'excuse me'. It's really rude you know. And it happen twice. I was really shock while eating when two of their staff suddenly enter the room. You approach them with your best smile but they don't even bother to smile back at you.

It was a short time to spend with my friend but I'm glad we manage to see each other after a while. They been busy with school stuff. We just chitchat anything we can think of. Also did some fangirling with our fave Korean Band. Thank you so much Leah for spending your evening with me. Hopefully, I could also spend time with the rest of the gang. I miss you all.

I still have a few number of food related post to came.

That's it for today! Thanks again for dropping by!

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