December 31, 2015

Thank You 2015!

Hello my lovely reader/s!

In a few hours we will say goodbye to the year 2015 and welcome the year 2016. I been to a lot this year just like most of you. This has been an amazing journey even if I may say I been to rough times. I'm still grateful for everything that happened.

Surely having a blog(or diary) is one of the great decision I ever made. I can always look back to those food trips, road trips, events and memories.

I couldn't believe myself that I would be able to meet in person the people who inspires me to do my very best in whatever I do in life. This is a total fangirling year for me. February this year, I met my husbando Liui Aquino during Otaku Fest. September, during eSports Festival I'm one of the media people who took part to their press conference with A-L-O-D-I-A! * I just die *. And before the year ends I met Manila based Toy Photographer Scher Padilla.

Aside from meeting my inspirations, I also reconnected with my old friends and I even made new ones from other parts of the Philippines and even around the world. We been exchanging mails and comments with each other as if we personally known each other a long time. I also done a few meet ups to some of them starting with our first ever Kawaii Lovers Cebu Post Christmas Party. Around May we also had meet up with Cebuana blogger Mich currently living in Japan after months of exchanging mails. I also get to know Cebu base bloggers mostly from Cebu Blogging Community and Ormor base blogger Vianna.

With all of these comes that one thing that will never be out of the topic -FOOD. I found my favorite restaurant/cafe. Also had worst experience ever. I could say 'I have a better relationship with food'.

As a Japan Lover, I had the chance to experience Japanese Festival. Not to mention it's a visa and passport free experience. Then after a few weeks I got invited to cover an event still related to Japan Culture. Awwe. > / /  /<. I'm really Thankful for this opportunities. Japan is getting closer and closer to me through Japan related events and convention locally.

Oh by the way I forgot to mentions our wanderlust. We visited few places around Cebu, like Simala and Medellin. We even went to the beach right after a typhoon. Crazy as it sounds but yes we did. In total we went to the beach 3 or 4 times this year which is really surprising because we don't usually go to the beach.

This is just a short recap or highlights of how awesome 2015 was!

I still have a few number of backlogs to be posted here. Hopefully I could work on it soon.

Everyone is looking forward what's in store with us this coming 2016. Probably, you already made your new years resolution or/and bucket list of what you would like to do and accomplish this 2016. Lets all have fun and create more memories.

I hope you still continue visiting/supporting me and my blog even how random I could get! Thank you for being part of my 2015.

Happy New Year Minna!

Vanessa is from Cebu, Philippines who loves to document her personal style, daily life, wanderlust and Japan Love in this small space she considers her personal diary.