January 18, 2016

November 2015: Road Trip to Medellin Cebu

Before November ends, my family and I went to Medellin it's in the Northern part and almost the end of the Island of Cebu. I'm not sure how long will it takes for you to go there from the Main City of Cebu. In our case we live in the South - Toledo City to be exact it took us more or less 3 hours to get there and we have two options (1.) we take the road going to the  main City all the way to the north or (2.) we take the road going to Balamban-Tuburan-Tabuelan. Honestly, you might find this post a bit confusing as much as I want to tell you the whole details on how to get there[ travel blogger attempts fails... hahaha].

Our initial plan is to take the Balamban- Tuburan-Tabuelan Road going there then we take the other route going home. What happens is we ended up taking the one/same route we had going there which is the Balamban-Tuburan-Tabuelan because we don't what to be caught in very heavy traffic.

Among them I'm the most excited person for this road trip because I been at home for almost 3 months after I quitted my job. Anyways, it's also my cousin's birthday so we brought some food with us to celebrate also for our baon.

The whole trip was fun and crazy! We had a lot of stopovers because none of us have been to Medellin. We thought we're lost in the middle of nowhere with no one to ask for directions. Haha, I'm amaze with all the scenery it's been awhile since the last time I been so close to nature. As what my Auntie and Uncle said Medellin is like Negros because of the sugar cane farm. We pass by a lot of beach and more tourist attractions but we didn't check them out. One of the tourist attraction is the FUNtastic Island in Gibitngil Island, which I would really love to visit in the future.

Aside from the touristy places, one thing I notice during the trip are the debris from typhoon Yolanda. Time and years my pass but there are things we can't easily forget especially the scars of the past.

After 3 long hours we finally arrive and everything was so colorful from their town hall, covered court to plaza. Its just so pleasing to my eye.


We ended our Medellin trip visiting this infamous bridge connected from one end to another though they haven't finish the other bridge.

It was really a great weekend a great time to spend quality time with FAMILY! I hope to visit Medellin again soon and experience their tourist attraction.

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